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Hi!!  We have lots of new visitors here today due to the link up for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt.  If you’re new, WELCOME!!  We love having new people here (and long time followers too)  Ours is an active blog.  I put up a new blog entry twice daily (except Sundays) so there is always something new and fresh to read about.  I hope you come back again.  Tomorrow I’m doing a big post on my longarm machine.  I’ve recently had so many questions about it.

..but onto today’s happenings.  Did you see that I finished my Wild Child Quilt?  You can read all about that HERE.  There are a lots more pictures and information if you follow the link.

We had a busy weekend here.  All the kids were home.  I had a wedding so not a lot of sewing happened.

I did get clue one done of the mystery.  I’m tackling mine in batiks.  I think they are going to be great…perfectly blendy.

I also started on this…

…changing gears, I know.  I’ve been working with bright fabric for so long.  It was strange to go back and work with my Civil War reproduction fabrics.

I am going to make an effort to use up some of the stuff I have…BONUS TRIANGLES!!  I have loads of them.  SEE??

Well here’s what they are going into.  I am making a table topper of my own design and will hopefully submit it for magazine publication, if end up liking it.  The problem…it’s patriotic and they likely have all their patriotic designs picked for the upcoming year.  It might have to wait for the following year but the time was right for me.  I want some of these triangles gone.

I almost had it finished but ran out of blues.  I dug a little more and found this bag.  These were gifted to me.  Someone cut the bonus triangles off but didn’t sew the seam.  That’s alright with me.  I buzzed them through the machine and was back working on the table topper in no time.

That’s likely the last you’ll see of this project for awhile but I’ll still be busy working on it.  I like to keep publication projects a bit of a surprise.  Should the magazine not pick it up, it will be a free pattern here on the blog.

Can you believe that this really didn’t put a dent in my red bonus triangles….AHH.  Maybe a Christmas table topper needs to be designed too!!

More than that can you believe I have bonus triangle after our latest quilt that was published…this one.  It should still be on the newstand.  It’s in American Patchwork and Quilting…. Read about that quilt HERE.

1,968 half square bonus triangles later after this quilt, and I still have bonus triangles…LOTS OF THEM!!

I’m kind of declaring 2020 the Year of the Bonus Triangles.  It’s time for them to get whittled down.  I have so many!!  Plus, a blog reader just sent me a box of them.  That’s perfect okay…I love them.  They are great inspiration to design a new project.

I putzed around with a few other things….

I counted out what I need for the childcare kids.  I need more pillowcases for Christmas gifts.  I cut out five.

I need four more beyond what I have cut but I need some fabric that isn’t quite so kiddish.  I think I’ll have to head over to Quilted Twins.  I wish I had known I need fabric as I bought a couple Kaffe fabrics on their Black Friday sale…(Kaffe fabrics $8.99 a yard and a free yard of fabric if you spend over $30)  I don’t have time to get to a fabric store at this point unless I really need to.  I have a few more Christmas things to do and that has to be done at a sewing machine!!

I found this fabric in a box of scraps that were gifted to me.  I have an idea for Buck and Lora’s baby’s quilt.  Their family loves Mickey Mouse so I thought I might come up with something that includes Mickey.  They aren’t finding out if it’s a boy or girl so I thought I could take this fabric, fussy cut out the Mickey’s and use the fabric colors in the print for the rest of the quilt.  We’ll see.  At this point that’s the idea.
So from the scrap I carefully cut out 40 Mickey’s.  There’s not a drop of fabric left.  This quilt is on a back burner though.

While the kids were home over Thanksgiving I pulled out a new cross stitch project.  I’m not done with my Sheep Virtues but I’ll be honest.  When I’ve been stitching those, that’s my reflective stitching.  I often think of the journey I’ve been on over this last year and stitching on that when the house was in chaos, just didn’t seem right so I pulled out this pattern instead.  A blog reader gifted the chart to me.

These are small and cute.  I should have started with the December one as it only took a bit and I had this….  The stitching is complete.

I changed up some colors as I didn’t like the light colors on the scarves and I didn’t like brown letters.  I used “Black Coffee” instead of the brown.

That’s about it as far as things I working on this week.  I got some other things done like the Christmas letter written and address labels made.  I’ll tackle actually getting the cards together one evening this week.  I did a tiny bit of decorating too.  I’ll show that to you in another blog post.

I’m hoping I get a few things done this upcoming week….It doesn’t look to be filled up already but with five kids, five grandkids, an in home childcare business and a dog….you never know.  See you back here next week..and if you’re new here.  I hope you come back.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Hope you get lots of new followers, Jo! To any newcomers I would just add that this blog is like a friend’s house, always a nice place to be!

  2. I love your Wild Child quilt – the purple is perfect.
    Heart in Hand is one of my favorite designers!
    Love and Prayers

  3. I recognize that bag of scraps! I am so happy you could use them. I know where to send my bonus triangles now. I tend to save them and then never use them.

  4. Wow. . so glad I stumbled onto your blog about three or four weeks ago. It’s the only one I’m following besides Bonnie Hunter. Love that you are connected to her. Which magazine are you published in?

    1. We work closest with American Patchwork and Quilting. Occasionally we work with Quiltmaker. We have had projects in Primitive Quilts and More too.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Welcome all you who are new. Thanks for joining us. I like the way you’re using you bonus triangles Jo. Thanks again for showing us leader and ender sewing.

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