What I’m Working On….

SURPRISE!!  I started another quilt.  I know, that’s likely not a surprise.

I am not sure what my intention is in making it.  I do know that I’ll gift the quilt but don’t have a specific recipient in mind.  I have a couple quilts I need to make for graduation presents for May so it might be for that.

Last week I told you I had two quilt tops finished.  I didn’t really get any chunks of time over last week to get them on the frame…so what’s a girl to do who doesn’t have anything to piece.  GET A PROJECT GOING!!

In my pursuit of trying to come up with ideas for a quilt for a Christmas present for the childcare kiddos, I ran across Bonnie Hunter’s Jewel Box Stars Challenge quilt.  Hmm.  I figured that would be perfect to make.  I could just pull my 2″ bucket over and start sewing the four patches…and that’s exactly what I did.  I love quilts that I feel like I don’t have to “cut out”.

I decided to make it and within moments I had the 2″ bucket out and was sewing.  I LOVE the scrap user’s system for this very reason.

I sewed strips together for about an hour.  The next day during naptime I ironed them and cut them into segments.
In no time at all I have twosies.

Someone once asked me why I make so many Bonnie Hunter quilts.  Truth be told…her quilts work so well with my storage. (My storage is her idea so no wonder) But I can get a whim idea to make a quilt and start it before I’ve even had a chance to ask myself, “Is this quilt the quilt you REALLY want to make?”.  If it’s a quilt for myself I think it all through a little more but if it’s a quilt that is being gifted…I LOVE that I just jump right in.

One evening Carver was here late and I was  busy cutting the half square triangles for the quilt.  Oh my word.  He loves “twilting” (His was of saying quilting)  We had the best time.  It’s official, I think he’s already spent more time “twilting” with me than his mother has.  Kalissa, Carver’s mom, is not a crafty/sewing girl.  She even joked I might have my quilter in Carver.  I love it.

I got enough blocks together early in the week to know that I was pretty sure I was going to like this.  What do you think??

I’m going to pause a second and tell you that I am limiting myself to pinks, greens, purples and blues.  I love scrap quilts but sometimes limiting the colors helps them to not get overwhelming busy.  Trust me, I love busyness but this will still be plenty busy.

I got a little ways and could see that I will need more four patches so a half hour of sewing one night and naptime cutting the next day, helped me catch up.

By Friday morning, I was going pretty good.  I was this far.  As pictured it is 3 x 7.  I snapped some pictures and sent them to Connie and Kelli hoping for some advice.

I was aiming for 6 x 7 which would make it 72″ x 84″ 
Do I want to leave it there or add borders…or make more blocks and go 84″ x 96″.  Hmm.

It would be easier to make a decision if I knew that it was going to be gifted for.

How do you not smile when you see all that busy fun?

THANKS a million to those of you who have sent your scraps my way.  I rarely buy any bright colored fabric but look at all the quilts I’ve been making.

This is unironed.  The only thing that was ironed is the four-patch blocks.  I typically don’t iron a quilt until it is a full top.  Once a quilter pressed or adds starch, the quilt blocks lose their give.  I want to be able to be able to push or pull a little to get my seams to match the best they can.  So no ironing until I’m finished if I can help it.

Although I only have this many sewn together, more blocks are made.  I had to make another batch of four patches as I still sort.  Kelli laughs at me that I don’t always count my units.  I’m lazy and really don’t care if I have a few left over blocks.

Friday night I hurried up to the sewing room and decided I wasn’t going to go to bed until this was a top.  Here it is now….

Then Saturday I ironed it.  
I have fabric picked for the backing.  YAHOO!! I’ll need to do a little piecing but that’s entirely okay.  More fabric will be up and out of here!

Friday night I finished the top by 8:20 or so.  I had decided that Friday night was quilting night so after after some tidying I decided that I wanted to work on something else…so I started the food quilt that Jean sent me.

You might remember that Jean sent me blocks to make the fabric quilt.  Oh my word it was so-so organized.  I sewed for about an hour and almost have it finished and into a top.  Jean thank you so MUCH.  I so appreciate it.  I just know Vicki is going to love it.

I did errands on Saturday and then wrote blog posts but that evening I loaded a quilt on the frame.  I like loading them and machine quilting over the weekend when I have bigger chunks of time.  I don’t like stopping and starting.  If possible I like to machine quilt the entire thing all in one sitting.

I’ll leave you in suspense as to which quilt I loaded.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll find out sooner that Friday.

I’m hoping by Friday this will be a finish and I can show it off.  I’m on a roll and am loving it!!

29 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….

  1. Janet R

    You are amazing. I love the quilt. Someday when I get this thing off my foot, I’ll be able to navigate my house and find/get to my fabric. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you.

    Much love

  2. Lori Douglas

    I love it! You know I like bright colors. You are on a roll and several people will enjoy the warmth of your living hands due to these quilts.

  3. Paula

    I love the colors you chose and this is such a quick, easy quilt. Thanks for sharing. I do have one question, do you press seams open or to one side? Or does it depend on the project?

  4. Anne

    very pretty qult Beautiful colors. If this is a gift I would opt for smaller. Most people much prefer a lap quilt rather than a bed size.. Much more versatile.

  5. Marianne Barta

    I love the quilt and you are so fast!! You are right to not to think about them so long before starting.
    Blessings to you and family

  6. Diane in WA

    Love the quilt. I actually did it as a leade/ender project last year with Bonnie. I haven’t sewed it together yet. I like how you limit yourself to a few colors on a scrap quilt. I will have to aim for that next time. I am trying to finish up some UFO’s. But I did start a mystery quilt with Alycia’s Quilts!!! So much for the UFO’s!! I do need to plan my leader/ender project while doing Bonnie’s mystery this year.

  7. Tina K

    And I thought I was the only one who was a “Smash It All Flat” girl when the top is done. I love your reasoning on waiting to iron.

  8. Paula S.

    Beautiful Jo! I’m working on my 7-year-old granddaughter who is interested in sewing and quilting. She has already pieced a small quilt for herself and I quilted it for her.

  9. Linda in NE

    Such pretty colors and boy, are you fast. I know Bonnie’s pattern is for setting it with the blocks edge to edge, but I think if I ever get around to making it I’ll use sashing & cornerstones to tone down the busyness a little. I’m that way with quit a few patterns.

  10. Sue in MD

    Wow Jo! I am amazed and impressed with how fast you can pull together a lovely scrappy quilt with Bonnie’s Scrap User system! You inspire me to start organizing my scraps- after the holidays! Thanks so much for all you share with us.

  11. DebMac

    Nice, quick work on the Jewel Box. It turned out so well. I wanted to do this pattern but just never got to it this year. Maybe next!!! I moved a year ago and I am washing, ironing, and folding all my fabric to the same size for storage. I had sewing stuff in so many places and some of it had been in storage what seems like forever. I haven’t been in the mood to quilt since the move so am working on organizing my first sewing room. Since I have fabric almost done, I think I will work on scraps next. So far I have pre cuts organized, a bunch of patterns or fabrics kitted, and yardage mostly organized. Wait, I forgot the fat quarters…. Can’t wait to see what you stitch next.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    I love that quilt. It’s such a happy one. Your Grands are so cute Carver with his scissors helping , what a love. I like quilts that come together fast. Thanks for telling about the leader and ender sewing I did a piano keys border in less than three days using leader and enders. When I get the top sewn I’ll take a picture of it.

  13. Gail Brown

    I love scraps and this one is great. I give away the more organized quilts and make myself quilts from all the scraps. By doing this I can look and remember the other quilts and who I gave them to. Sort of a memory quilt for me.

  14. Daisy

    Jo, Do your 2″ strips then finish at 1 1/2″? I can’t tell by looking and I have a lot of 2 1/2″ strips that I could use up this way.


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