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I had a very busy week last week.  The weekend I already told you involved very little sewing.  Then early in the week I had grandkids a couple of evening and even an overnight.  That left me cooking and hanging with the kids…no time to sew.

I did get a little further on my hourglass quilt.  Here’s the story on it.  I thought I had cut enough neutral or white blocks.  I was attaching the last border to find out I was three blocks short.

So I cut more and sewed more…

…and got to this point.

Ruby saw the quilt come out and demanded to sit on it.  Here’s a picture without Ruby on it….
Here’s a sneak peak of it close up.  Be still my heart…it’s scrappy love at it’s best.  This is why I broke the bank and restocked my neutral fabric.  I just love it.

So many of these fabrics were gifted to me by you…from the thrift store and more places.  See the heart fabric.  It’s actually leftovers from a cotton sheet I used as a backing.  The one with the blue plaid….thrift store fabric.  See the spider sneaking out in the orange section.  The neutral stripe is from a blog reader.  The Mickey Mouse is from Quilted Twins.  There’s one with a blue floral.  That came from the thrift store I think.  A couple of the polka dots came from the quilt shop in Clear Lake Iowa.  Kelli and I bought them there.  Many-many of the prints came from all of you as I rarely buy bright colored prints.  THANK YOU!! I can look at a quilt like this for days on end…seriously.  I adore it.  This quilt truly is one that you have to see up close to really appreciate.

I’m pushing hard to get this one wrapped up before the Thanksgiving week.  I have family coming home and the mystery will be starting.  I’m confident that I will because I ended up this far…A COMPLETE TOP!!

I am this far on the Wild Child Quilt.  Yep.  It’s a top now too!!

This one got put on the back burner as the Hourglass quilt burned a fire in me to sew on.  Seriously it did.  This was a center for a bit until I finished the hourglass quilt..then Friday night I told myself I had enough to get the borders on this one and that’s what I better do….and I did.  Now to make backings and get them on the quilting frame.

With being this far along, I think it’s time for a new project.  I need something to do for 15-20 minutes at a time so I’ll start looking.  I haven’t decided if it will be a new project or if I should pull a UFO.  Hmmm.

Before I go I wanted to update you on the mystery fabrics I’m pulling.  I wrote a post about it HERE…but I added an update about the Quilted Twins mystery bundles.

They have a batik bundle.  In fact their batik bundle has been so popular that it sold out twice and this is their third and final cutting of batik bundles for the mystery.  The gals said they have been having busy days filling mystery fabric orders.  These are the colors for that….


and you can find the batik bundle HERE for $100- which is an awesome deal for batiks.  If you’re thinking of getting one, I suggest snagging one QUICK.  While you are there, they have fabric perfect for backing too.  You can find there batik section here…for $6.99 a yard for many of the batiks, it’s so tempting to break the bank and buy yardage for the backing.  Oh my…the mystery has temptations galore.

UPDATE:  Quilted Twins has sold out again.  They do have another kit available.  You can find it HERE.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love the colorful hourglass quilt. Inspirational. The batik bundles from Quilted Twins are stunning. I will be visiting their shop next Monday to restock. Can’t wait to see how your Mystery Quilt turns out.

  2. Love the colors on your hourglass quilt!
    Not doing the mystery this year so will love vicariously though you!
    Love and prayers

  3. The quilts are lovely! So fun! Now, please pull a UFO. I for one would be super interested in following along as you tick one off the UFO list…

  4. I love the hour glass quilt with all those fun neutrals and you are getting your Christmas gifts done early, Yea!! I love quilted twins for fabric deals and the prices are hard to beat for the quality of fabrics. Hope to see there store one day. Have a great week Jo

  5. I love the hourglass quilt. I have the Ohio Star die from Accuquilt that cuts slick and easy hourglass pieces. I could sure use up some scraps making this. And I love your thrifted treasures.
    A tip for you although a bit too late for this quilt. When you are sewing the hourglasses: Two green triangles and two neutrals. Sew the first set with the green on top. Sew the second top with the neutral on top making sure that the long flat side is facing each other. When you snip off these two sewn pieces keeping them together, they will link together so all you have to do is fold up one side to the other and sew the long edge. They aren’t all facing the same way on the ironing board and you dont even have to iron them. Just nest the seams and sew. Hope this makes sense.

  6. The hourglass quilt top is awesome! Love all those scrappy fabrics. There is just something that makes me smile when I see a scrappy quilt!! The more scrappy, the more it speaks to me!! Thanks for sharing!
    Love your batiks for the mystery quilt!

  7. Patricia Boelens

    Some lucky people/kids are really going to love these! I don’t buy backing for my Mystery Quilt until I have some feel for what it will be like finished. I know I have the colors for the top, but not the ratios/mix so I wait until things are moving along and then I search for a backing. However sales are hard to resist! And thrift stores even more. Happy quilting Jo!

  8. Your hourglass quilt is so lovely! You may have inspired me to find the various parts and pieces of the one I started and try to get it finished. It has been a UFO long enough. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Oh that hour glass quilt is so flat out lovely and lovely. A great inspiration to get going and keep going. Gorgeous.

  10. What is the name of the black and white quilt? I think I would like to make this one. You are so ambitious and organized. You inspire me. Carol Benson

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