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I’ve been busy this week.  I have several days that I didn’t get to sew a stitch.  It was conference week at school and although I don’t have kids in school.  I have childcare kiddos that go.  They were out early a couple days which made my work load a little heavy.  Both Kalissa and Kelli worked on Halloween so I have three of the grandkids that evening and ended up making supper for everyone.

I did manage to get some stuff done though.  See??

Neither quilt is done but they have come along nicely.

Last Sunday I wrote my “what I’m working on” blog post in the morning and then luckily got a bunch of time in the evening to sew.  I managed to get the Wild Child blocks done and then Monday night it became a center!!

Don’t mind the messy floor…childcare kids doing art projects can wreak havoc.  I took the picture over naptime when I should have been sweeping.

The colors don’t look very rich in the first photo.  They really look more like this….
I’m so in love with this color combo.

I got the border cut.  There is an inner border which I decided on the teal polka dot and then my Kaffe fabric for the outer border.  It’s a purple print that matches the purple in the alternate blocks.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see it all together.  Carver, my grandson, loves this one as he helped “sew it”.  He pulled the papers off the string blocks with the other childcare kiddos.

My fun in the quilting room didn’t stop there.  Last week I told you I started Bonnie’s Hourglass quilt.  Earlier in the week I got this far….

Now I am this far….

The rings went on MUCH faster when the quilt was small…now the rings are taking a lot longer.  I’m having a lot of fun with it though.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this top.  I’ve shown it to Kelli and Kalissa and both of them are in love with it.  Kalissa is a little concerned that there isn’t more teal in the quilt.  I went on to explain to her that I’m using what I have.  Bonnie used orange in the center but I opted to change up the color order according to how much of each color is in my stash.  I didn’t have a lot of teal…so teal needs to be in the center where I use the least amount of fabric.  The plan is to go back and bind it in teal as I think that will bring the color out more.

Kalissa and I both think this would be a great three color quilt or team color quilt.  At our school, the colors are red, white and black.  Wouldn’t it be neat to make the quilt in school colors??

Anyway…I’ve been in love with the process of making this.  Many nights this week, even though it’s been late, I sew for 20 minutes.  Then over nap time, I iron the pieces I sewed the previous night.  I’m amazed at how far that small amount of time adds up to getting this quilt done so much more quickly.  I have another blog post coming up this week about the hour glass quilt so watch for that.

I did get only a tiny bit more cross stitch done.  I got the border to come around and match.  I was one thread off going around the first time and had to go back and fix that otherwise I would likely be completely done with the border.

Now I need to go in and finish the inside of the border.  I love that kind of stitching…no need to look at the pattern, just stitch away.

I’m focusing on quilting right now as I have lots to get done before Christmas.  I’m in good shape to finish it but still want to keep moving in that direction.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…..”

  1. With all that you do for family and childcare, I am amazed at how much crafting time you squeeze in. Great job! Love how they are coming along.

  2. Gorgeous quilts as usual.
    You really know how to sneak in time to do some quilting and cross stitch, don’t you!
    Love and prayers

  3. Love Wild Child! And the other will be a winner as well! It’s amazing what you get done with childcare and family. You are a one woman dynamo!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when we get our enthusiasm back. I have the accuquilt hourglass cutter and they are so easy to cut and sew up. Inspired. But we have a mystery coming up. Can’t do it all.

  5. Love Wild Child with purple! Can’t wait to see it with your border fabric! Loving the hour glass too. I didn’t work on that while Bonnie Hunter was using it as a leader and ender as I sometimes have issues working with that unit. Guess I just need to get practicing!

  6. Katherine Gourley

    I love those quilts. You are amazing. I know so many quilters who work just minutes at a time and accomplish so much. I am a very SLOW quilter and find just getting everything ready takes up all the minutes that I have. Do you have any suggestions to improve?

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