What I’m Working On…

It might seem like all my time has gone into sewing…but it hasn’t.  I’ve been cross stitching some too.

I finished up the October Sheep Virtue….

It’s so cute.

“Gratitude” is the next one I’ll be working on.  You can see that I don’t stitch the whole outer border at once.  I do a section of it, going all the way around, to make sure it will meet up right.  That way, I have less to rip out it I messed up the count.

I’m thrilled to be finishing these up but also a bit of nervousness is setting in.  I’ll have to fully finish all of these soon.  Happily I have a couple other things I don’t care about as much to tackle first as “practice”.  I don’t know for positive how I’m finishing them but I know they won’t be pillows.

As for quilting…I think you already saw that I finished this quilt top…Crooked Courthouse Steps…
and this quilt….Geese on a String.

I’ve been super productive as I’ve had four days off last week because of the cancer testing…plus being on the diet has kept me out of the kitchen.

I’m onto finishing the other Geese on a String Quilt, then finishing Crooked Courthouse Steps.  That will mean I’m at having 3 of the 4 Christmas quilts I need done!!  That would be awesome.

One day after I finished the Courthouse Steps quilt, Kelli called to chat.  I was in the sewing room and started cleaning as I chatted.  I love speakerphone for that very reason…I can work and chat at the same time.

The area where I was sewing was a BIG mess….String projects tend to EXPLODE!!

Well in the cleaning I realized that I made 7 blocks too many.  I set them aside and cleaned it all up while I chatted.

I hung up, did the math and realized if I made 18 more blocks, I’d have enough for a baby boy quilt.  YES.  I was going to do that.  Of course I dug the scrap box back out.  Thankfully the white, green and blue scraps were still on top.  So much for cleaning up that mess now.

I had timed myself before and knew I could make 9 blocks an hour…so two hours and I’d have enough blocks.  Cool.  So back to sewing I went.  I’m done the blocks.  Now they need a trim and can be sewn together.

As I was sewing I decided that I wouldn’t make the last block.  I’d sew the top together minus one block.  When whoever had a baby that I was going to gift it to, had their baby I would make a wonky free form letter of their first initial and put that in place of the block.  I love the idea…so the quilt is still personal.

So that’s what I’ve been up to….A few more things are stewing in my brain and I can’t wait to get to them.

17 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. You are certainly on a roll. I love all of your finished pieces.
    I thought perhaps you could make a sort of quilt top from the cross stitch pieces and make a wall hanging. It would make a nice talking point with your childcare kids.

  2. Those cross stitch pieces would be beautiful centers for either log cabin or courthouse steps quilt blocks. I just made a wall hanging with 12 Blackbird Designs cross stitched pieces in a courthouse steps pattern and it hangs in my dining room. I’m happy to send pictures.

  3. What a great baby quilt idea, Jo! You posted a lot of beautiful projects today and are certainly on a roll with everything!
    I’d love to see Joanna’s cross stitch wall hanging too.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Everything looks beautiful. Love your work! You make it look easy but I know you have a lot of skill! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  5. I would use the cross stitch blocks for a wall hanging, using your homespun fabrics for sashing strips and borders. But that is just my two cents’ worth…looking forward to seeing what you decide to do.

  6. Why not while the “right colors” are on top of pile pick out a bunch to make the letter so it is all ready to go???

  7. Are you thinking of making your cross stitch into a quilt? They would look awesome in the center of a block and the fabric similar to Kim Diehls or Kansas Troubles for the remainder of the block.
    I know you told us but could you tell me again what book the crooked courthouse steps pattern is in ( it is Bonnie Hunter right?) ? I’m stressed so it just makes the memory issues worse. It is what it is. We deal with what comes our way hopefully with grace and a determination to be happy, love our family, be useful and have faith. Hugs to you navigating your reality.

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! Two quilts done and ready to go. Plus a baby quilt in the works. I enjoy seeing your cross stitching. Progress the idea of a quilt to show them off is a good idea. Enjoy your down time while you have to wait.

  9. 9 blocks in an hour?!? No wonder you get so much done. Seems like even one block takes me forever. The quilts are all fabulous and the recipients will love them.

  10. Congrats on your quilt in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting! I am amazed at how productive you are through all your recent upheavals.

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