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My Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks have taken over my life.   Oh I love making them.  I love the “something from nothing” style of quilting.  I love the carefree cutting.  You can see from the back of my block that it’s okay that the white fabric in the front overhangs a bit.  No matter.  It’s no big deal at all.  Ah…I love it.

I would like to suggest only making 10 or less blocks at a time.  See that green strip that is leftover?  That can be trimmed off and used in the next new block I make.  This way ALL of the piece gets used up.

You can see I made of a stack of these “leftovers” and they are ready for the next blocks.

I’m doing so good…I resist squaring them up upstairs in my sewing room.  Instead I bring them downstairs and set up a station at the kitchen island for trimming.  This way I can do it over naptime when the kiddos are sleeping.  It’s my perk of being an inhome childcare provider.  Every job needs a fringe benefit doesn’t it?

True happiness…a pile of slivers ready for the garbage.

A friend asked why I had to trim the blocks.  These blocks are wonky.  There is not predetermined size for any of the strips that I’m sewing together.  My strips are varying from 3/4″ to 2″.  That means that sometimes the block ends up being 9″ when finished.  Sometimes it ends up being 8 /12″  That means the blocks have to be squared up in the end.  It’s all part of the

Another person asked why some blocks don’t look complete.  Some have four sides.  Note the block below.

The top side has 4 strips.  I had to add the 4th strips as the block wasn’t wide enough yet.  It’s not big deal.  In fact I kind of like it.  Here’s why…Here are two of my finished blocks.  See where the blocks come together?  When they come together when each of the blocks has a full long strip, the “look” isn’t so staggered.

When the blocks come together and the solids don’t have a full strip along the edge, the look a little more wonky and I kind of like that look.  
Really it doesn’t matter to me either way.  Once the blocks all get together, it won’t be noticeable.  The overall look will be what you see.

You can find Bonnie’s full tutorial HERE.  She explains how to make the Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks.

I’ve still been using my Nido wool mat.  This is another project that I wouldn’t be without it anymore.  If you want to learn more about them and get an awesome discount code, follow this LINK.

A blog reader messaged me and asked how long the deal was good for…answer, through the end of the month.  I messed Winnie and she said through the end of the month.

I got a little antsy to see how these were going to look…

I like it!!  Kalissa saw it and liked it too.

Obviously I need more blocks so back to it!!

I’m having so much fun working on these Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks.  After making about three blocks I thought, “oh my..I love these, what else could I make and immediately I thought Log Cabin blocks done the same way”.  So that might be my next quilt…we’ll see.  For now I just need to concentrate and get this finished.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I love the colors you’re using the effects are really good looking. It’s going to be a great quilt however big it gets.

  2. I really like the colors you’ve chosen – it will be beautiful!
    Hope it’s going as well as possible with your “diet”. :-P
    Love and prayers

  3. Do you need more blues and teals and lime greens? Those are my favorite colors and I have loads of them. Let me know and I’ll send some.

  4. I also love these crooked blocks soooo easy! To make it easier to use up my many scraps I divided them into 4 piles-
    Long neutrals, short neutrals, long darks and short darks. Since I am using all colors in this quilt, I didn’t have to sort the far colors out. So much fun to see and not to have to worry about matching seams or being “ perfect”

  5. I am really loving this crooked courthouse steps pattern. I am really thinking about doing it in Christmas scraps. Well, I will have to cut scraps since I am new to quilting and don’t have any scraps yet. But I am so loving your color choice on yours!! Can hardly wait to see it done in a week or two. Much love and hugs.
    A new quilter in South Carolina

  6. In the midst of working on paper pieced strip blocks last night, I just couldn’t help myself…I had to make some of the courthouse step blocks, I made 3. They are so fun! God help me, I’ve started another quilt lol!!

  7. I love your blue and green color scheme! I’ve been going through my scrap container and ironing and setting aside things to cut into squares and strips. I also have been ripping strips so I can finally get started on another strip project. I have a container of shirt strips but I want to keep them separated. I might have to pause and just sew a couple of those blocks!

  8. Diannia McDonald

    Carol Stearns— you are a woman after my own heart! Those are also my favorite colors and I am pulling them from my stash today. Looks like a shopping trip is in my future.. my local quilt store used to have tubs of scraps you could go through and pay by the pound. They quit doing that.

    Last weekend my sister told me they were cleaning her mother-in-law’s stash and they had five big totes for me to go through. I think I squealed so loud I woke up dogs in the nect county.

    Yeah, I took very little. It was old and most of it so thin I don’t think it would hold up. I passed the rest on to some ladies who make beds for the humane center.

    So I am back in the search for those colors IF Jo did not want them and would be willing to pay postage

  9. It looks like I really should separate my scraps by color. Maybe one of these days. Your blocks are coming together beautifully. I’m happy to see Ruby. See looks like she is unsure of the size of your finished piece. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have been working on Crooked Courthouse Steps for the last week. So addicting and fun. Love your colts! Mine are very scrappy.

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