What I’m Working On….

Well you might have seen that I gave you a little hint of what I’m working on next…these…my Geese on a String quilt.

Well over the course of a couple evenings, and then some time last Saturday, this happened.  I got some borders put on.

Oh my…that was pretty busy though and I didn’t know if I liked it not.  So I messaged my kids and sent pictures….I gave them options.  I said:

#1-stick with the scrappy border….

#2 go with this pink border…

#3 go with this batik blue border
#4 go with the polka dot orange border

#5 class it up with this purple border
#6 go with this batik orange with the purple flecks in it.
So can you guess what the overwhelming majority was….THIS…

I ended up finishing both of the quilts with the scrappy borders.  Here is the pink one.

They are awfully busy quilts…

…and from there it was full steam ahead and I made the backings right away too.

I’m hoping to get these on the quilting frame ASAP.  I’d really like to get them done.  Plan is that these will be childcare Christmas presents.  In the past I’ve always given them to kids who go to kindergarten.  This year I had THREE go to kindergarten and I have a new child that started that is in first grade.  I’m hoping to get four quilts finished by Christmas.  We’ll see if that happens.  If not, two will get quilts this year and two will wait until next year.  I’m sure the kiddos will understand.  I’m going to try to get four done but I’m not going to crazily push either.  What will be will be…

As of right now, they aren’t my favorite quilts-a little busy….I’ve thought that before when I’ve finished a quilt top.  Later after they are finished, I typically end up liking them.  I’m sure the kids will like them either way.  Kids have a way of liking busyness.

For the record, I was all for the #6 orange batik with the purple flecks for the purple quilt.  What was your vote??

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  1. I liked the pink floral, the purple, and the orange with purple flecks fabrics. But I also liked the piano keyboard. With a piano keyboard I’m use to seeing a mock log cabin block (if that is what it is called) in the corners but I like this look.

  2. My vote was overwhelmingly for the piano keys! Sooo glad your kids agreed! My second fave was the blue batik, and I liked several others too….but the piano keys were #1!

  3. I liked the orange fleck and also the purple. I think the kids will love them no matter what the border! They may be busy quilts but they are fun and the kids will enjoy looking at all the different fabrics!!!

  4. I liked the piano keys border best, it contrasts well with the narrow bright inner border and somehow seems to draw the eye to the Scrappy Geese. I LOVE scrap quilts, the scrappier the better suits me! My goodness you must have used up tons of scraps for these two quilts.

  5. Cherie in St Louis

    I liked the pink border as I thought it brought out the pink in the 4 patch units but they look great with piano key borders :)

  6. The piano keys were perfect to my eye and yes the others would of been fine but the keys spoke to me. I’m sure who ever gets these quilts will love them. Great job Jo

  7. All were really good choices.

    I really like the piano key border.
    Love the quilts and all their scrappiness.

    I actually like the purple one just a bit better, I think it because it is a bit darker.

  8. I too preferred the #6 batik orange with purple fleck! The kids are right though….the childcare kiddos will love them!

  9. I definitely like the piano keys best. Beautiful quilts. I didn’t really like this quilt with Bonnie’s shirts but love it with the colors you used. I love bright colors.

  10. Jo – I love it all scrappy. They both look great.

    Have you ever done a border that alternates a plain black scrap with a colored scrap. I think that would be a good look. Just wondering.

  11. I need some calm space when I make a busy patchwork so any of the plain fabrics would have worked. Piano keys are wonderful on many kinds of scrappy quilts but lots of work for you too when you make so many quilts for the kids in your charge. You are amazing! Love reading about your adventure in the sewing room again!

  12. I like the scrappy piano key border. It just seems to fit the best with the rest of the quilt. I often find that when I’m not sure I like a quilt it always looks so much better after it’s quilted & bound.

  13. Christine Demick

    I am looking for the information you posted re the Lutheran church wanting quilts for their African mission. I can’t find it. Could you please provide again. Thank you and I like your posts.

  14. I guess I am really in the minority. I love the purple, blue batik and then the pink. The piano keys would have been my very last choice.

  15. I was hard to tell with just the little bit you showed with each fabric. In that regard, I chose the orange batik with the purple flecks. But seeing the whole quilt with the scraps, I like it too. It may be busy, but the colors blend in with the rest of the quilt.

  16. I especially liked the pink and the orange with purple flecks, but I’m sure the kids will love the piano keys. I’m pretty crazy about the backing fabric! Good for you, for moving this from a work-in progress to something ready to be quilted, or just about. Whenever the quilts arrive, the kids will be thrilled. Kids are great that way.

  17. Hi Jo!
    Thankful you have found a friend in another lady who is a widow and can truly understand where you are at. Glad you have each other!
    I’d have gone with the orange batik with the purple flecks – my favorite. But, you know, it all works, and you used up more scraps!
    Wishing you the best!

  18. I like these quilts! So colorful. I really like the backings with the kids on them. I like the piano key borders, too.

  19. I loved the purple border-it was just perfect-for a more grown up quilt. But, the scrappy borders were perfect for a kids quilt. It will give them so much to look for/at laying under it maybe not feeling so great or not being tired. Kind of an I Spy is always how I look at kids scrappy quilt. Very nicely done!!!

  20. My #1 choice was orange with flecks. #2 choice was the purple. Then again my feeling is scrappy is wacky and little kids love wacky! They are going to love those two quilts because you made them. ❤️

  21. You know the kid will love them no matter what border was on them. After all they come from their “Joey” and they are made with love. I personally loved them all. I don’t think there was a single combination that I didn’t like. Keep up the great inspirations
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  22. Barbara Firesheets

    The scrappy pieced borders look great. The other two fabrics I really like are the purple and pink tonals.

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