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I’ve been trying to get to the sewing room a little more often than I had been…and I’m trying to stay on top of things a little more.

I had a little bag that the kids use for childcare.  Carver brought it to me and said it was broken.  That day during naptime, I fixed it.

It was a simple fix…the zipper was coming loose.  All better!

I’ve been trying to stay on top of things so that I don’t get that dreaded weight of having things to do that I really don’t want to do.  I know we all do it….with me, the things I put off are:
patching and fixing and washing the cupboard fronts in the kitchen

I always feel so good when those things are tackled.

I was busy in the sewing room.  I’m still on a mode to get things finished so the second Georgia’s quilt was finished, I threw a baby quilt on the frame AND I grabbed a project I’ve had for a LONG time.

The coloring is bad in these pictures…sorry.  But this is what I had…a quilt top center.  I had planned long ago to keep working on this but the ball dropped.

Scraps came to me from a blog reader.  (Tina, I think).  She must have pieced fabric together and then cut a vest or jacket out from the pieced fabric.  I’m guessing that as all of the leftovers had curves and such cut from them.  Well I squared up the pieces she sent me.  The pieces ended up being all sorts of different sizes.  I sewed those squared up pieces together and then trimmed them to block size.

Then I found a fabric that was really close in color and used that alternate blocks.

Those blocks were sewn together and then the project sat.  It was just a quilt center.

Well I thought it needed a more “finished” look..and I wanted it to be a little bigger…So I added an inner border the same color as the alternate blocks.  Then the teal border and then an outer border.

I ended up really loving it.

I think this is my favorite kind of sewing…the something from nothing type of sewing.

My ambition didn’t stop there….this happened…

I loaded it on the frame!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?  I still can’t.

This is picture is closer to the actual colors….I’m thrilled with this.  THRILLED!  Seriously happy…well, at least I was happy until I ran out of thread.  AHH.  I had not more top thread.  NONE.  It’s a favorite of mine.  It’s Maxi-Lock Swirls Tie Die Punch.  HERE is a link for it.

This is likely one of the most used threads at my house that isn’t white or cream or tan.  I ended up ordering more thread, disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to finish the machine quilting.

Well, I was done right there so I picked up a different project…

This is Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.

I sewed a couple rows together and wasn’t sure if I liked it so I set it aside and started tidying the sewing room.  There under a pile of stuff I found more of the thread I was looking for.  AHH!!

Well enough time had passed that it was now bedtime and I didn’t have any more time to sew…so there the quilt sits on the frame.  It will be there when I have another sewing day.

I didn’t get much as far as cross stitch goes.  I was on a roll in the sewing room and I wanted to keep on rolling….it’s a struggle when I have quite a few hobbies!!  Thank goodness my reading is now audiobooks.  At least I can multitask and enjoy two hobbies at the same time.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love your quilt from scraps!! Gorgeous colors and the way you pieced it and finished it with the borders is fabulous!!!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Love that scrap quilt the color combo is so lovely.
    I got back to seeing last week , not by machine by hand. It takes a whole lot more time to do a quilt square but I’m having fun doing it. Such a time getting my stitches just right (Working on that). It’s made me thankful for my machines. They’re both down right now. It has given me an appreciation for our foremothers. Who only had two hands thread and needles to make gorgeous useful quilts.

  3. That scrap quilt is fabulous. Most have a lot of red, which is nonexistent in my sewing room. In my entire house, really. I have few scraps, though, because I usually piece them into my backings. I admit I sometimes prefer the reverse side of my quilts, they are freeform creative.
    I laid my cross stitch aside for a couple months when I started a hand stitched hexi star and worked it every day, it is beautiful and draws me back. I am designing as I go. Two days ago I picked my cross stitch back up and fell in love with it again. I decided to turn it into a soft Japanese style wall hanging, it should look nice since it is Japanese influenced flowering tree, moon, water reflected in mostly greens and purples. Not too many stitches left!
    My incursion into hand stitch hexis has taken up cross stitch time.
    My walk past grit teeth… has been stacks of books needing shelves. This week I moved canned goods out of open kitchen shelving and moved books in. Cooking, herbalogy, edible native plants, mostly. So much prettier! I think I will hang two edible plants on the center divider. Wow! I filled 6 shelves with loose books, imagine the mess cleaned up.
    Now I am incorporating the cans back into my pantry. Nice since prices got so high, it helps keep my grocery bill down to eat what I have.
    Good wishes to all.

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