What I’m Working On…

I did a few putzing things this week.

See the Daniel Tiger fabric?  That’s the pillowcase I used to make a pillowcase for Carver for his birthday.  When Kelli and I took Carver and Gannon to Hobby Lobby, Carver saw the fabric and was super excited.  I ended up buying 3/4 of a yard so I could make a pillowcase for him.  He loves Daniel Tiger.  It’s a PBS show that talks about dealing with feelings.  We love the show.

Sometimes getting the things that pile up in the sewing room is so comforting.  Seriously…I feel like I cleaned by getting that pillowcase fabric sewn and out…I guess in a way I did clean.

While I was on the “feeling like I cleaned kick” I tackled some other jobs that were in the sewing room.  I patched work pants for a friend.

I patched word shorts for Craig.

and I finished this….Georgia’s quilt top.  I know.  I bet you all thought that would NEVER happen.

I worked on it a couple nights this week…then Saturday night I decided I wasn’t going to bed until it was finished.

I stayed up until 11pm, which isn’t terrible, and WOW!!  It’s done.

I can’t tell you the HUGE relief that it’s to this point.  I started this back in March when Georgia was born.  Then my life went to heck with Kramer sick with cancer and us making constant trips back and forth to Lacrosse.  It got set aside.

Well it finally made it to the front burner and there it’s staying until it’s completely finished.

Beside being in the sewing room, I got some stitching time in too.  Just a few nights for a few minutes but it adds up.  I got the thread I ran out of for the border and I’m back stitching again.

I’m happy to say that I went around the border and everything matched up.  It amazes me how much I struggled with the first one in the series and how wonderfully the borders have been going now that I’m on #10 of the series.

I’m mentioning this to you all as I’m hoping that if you pick up cross stitch that you know that as with any craft you do, practice makes things much easier.  I could easily have given up after the first one I stitched…but I didn’t and now things are MUCH easier!  I never thought I’d stitch on linen.  My eyes are old…I’m not the most patient person…but now I don’t know that I’d stitch on anything but linen….

Don’t be afraid to start…if you are willing to practice, you’ll be able to master whatever it is.

That’s the this week progress.  I’m loading Georgia’s quilt and finishing it ASAP.  I want it completely done so I can move on to the next project.

Anyone else trying to push to the finish on a project??  I’d love to know what you’re working on.

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  1. Georgia’s quilt is absolutely adorable!! Sure wish I could get my sewing mojo back. I used to do cross stitch years ago and I loved working on linen, but my eyes are so old and I have cataracts and a touch of glaucoma that makes it just impossible to do it anymore.
    All of your cross stitch is beautiful !! I love the primitive look and yours sure does carry that look! Keep on moving, one day at a time and it will all get done. Continued love and prayers.

  2. Absolutely LOVE Georgia’s quilt and your free form heart design. I have one quilt in the process of quilting but no time today to work on it. Hope tomorrow will be free.

  3. I am trying to finish the Vintage Christmas quilt by Lori Holt. The blocks are almost done and the sashing and corner stones cut. Just need to work on the embroidery part, if I can find my floss. Also working on a secret quilt for a friend. And just started pattern testing for another friend. Not enough hours in the day! Love Georgia’s quilt!

  4. OUTSTANDING! That is what Georgia’s quilt is!

    You have so many talents, but your ability to create these types of quilts is remarkable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Georgia’s quilt is made in the exact spirit of how I picture women who have gone before us making their quilts. You used scraps, you designed, you created. Well done! I’m envious in a motivational way. I finished the final 11 of 80 string blocks that I needed to make Lynn Harris’ quilt Rose Lattice from her book. I made mine with black “lattice” to kinda make it look like stained glass. I was also trying to gather enough remnants to frame some fall panels to make a seasonal quilt. But, like a doofus I cut a bunch of piece too small… soooo, moving on to plan B

  6. The quilt you made for Georgia is beautiful – love those purples.
    I’m making a scrap quilt for Steph (ran out of fabric – the rest is in storage!) and working on cross stitch ornaments for the kids. I’ve made ornaments since they were born – Steph is now 32 so… ;-)
    Love and prayers

  7. I adore your creativity and design with Georgia’s quilt and am so glad you chose the pastel colors. This quilt has been so hard for your to complete, a true load will be lifted off your shoulders when you get it finished. Thank you for your inspiration to do more counted cross stitch and less quilting. As I journey with my husband through his cancer diagnosis I am finding peace with needlework.

  8. Jo, awesome accomplishments!!! Someday if you’re searching for a blog post, how-to, I’d love to see more how you patch jeans, etc! I’ve never been very good at it and am curious of your methods!!

  9. I’m putting two borders on a Christmas gift and I hope it’s done today. My sewing machine has been very busy with making quilts this year, only one more top to make and then 6 to longarm by Christmas. The other tops will just join my longarm pile and maybe someday they will get finished. I do love Georgia’s quilt, very different than anything I would make, it’s whimsical and you created a special one of a kind for her. I have mended more clothes in my life than I like, yuck. I did cross stitching when they were stamped on linen, then went on to counted cross stitch. My eyes give me trouble but I did a sweatshirt two years ago and I think I’ll do another this fall.

  10. Jo – I agree, it feels so good to get some ‘cleaning’ jobs done in the sewing room! You’ve reminded me that I have a couple of things to fix (I know they won’t take long, I have wasted more time THINKING about doing them – and ignoring them – that it will actually take to do them!) That is how jeans get patched at my house too, I just can’t bear to toss things that fit that can be fixed that easily! Georgia’s quilt is lovely, so soft and cuddly.

  11. OH, and silly me! I was writing to answer your question – what am I working on to finish?? I have a kit called Safe Haven from Thimbleberries – it is a block of the month from many years ago that I bought after the BOM finished from Pine Needles while Pine Needles was still located in Cresco! That is a long time ago!! Anyway, I have had the top done for 4 or 5 years and finally layered and basted it with wool batting and put it in the quilting queue, knowing that I wanted to do more custom block quilting than an over all pattern. I am quilting on my sit down Tiara and it is going pretty slowly, mostly because I work on it for a while and then put it away for a while when I am trying to decide what to do on it next, but I will get it done. It is in 2 different UFO challenges right now and I want it done by the end of the year.

  12. Georgia’s quilt is absolutely adorable and beautiful! I especially love how the flying geese heart design turned out. What a precious gift you have made for her. It’s in the style of the other quilts you have made, but also has a unique design just for her. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love, love, love the colors in Georgia’s quilt! The quilt is adorable! I had to put aside a 32 count Lizzie Kate. I have 65 yr. old eyes. lol And I have the Ottlite with a light and magnifying lens. I’m trying to play catch up with 2 BOM groups that I’m in then on to quilting 6 tops on my domestic.

  14. Georgia’s baby quilt is divine. Love it. And I am also the chief repair person for jeans in my family. I do them the same way. Blessings to you.

  15. The quilt is so nice. I loved the first “crumb” quilt you showed years ago and all the ones since. I keep wanting to make one and hope it would turn out as nice as yours. I am working hard to get a quilt done for a school auction. A grandbaby is due anytime and I will be gone quite a bit helping to babysit for the first couple of months.

  16. Georgia’s quilt turned out beautiful. Not one I would make but I can admire them when others do make them. I am working on a wedding sampler for our niece’s 11/09/2019 wedding. I had trouble sourcing the “right” green floss and since I made it on a larger count fabric, I am scrambling to have enough of that “right” green. I have struggled for several years to cross stitch and after having cataract surgery in April/May, I am still struggling with it some. One of the problems I found was caused by using a LED light. It made my eyes flutter in a way my Ott lamp doesn’t. It is like learning to stitch all over again. Push the fabric away to see better not bring it toward you. My quilting is a “no go”. We moved a year ago and I am still working on the sewing room. Since I’m not in the mood to sew, I am prewashing and folding all my yardage and it goes into the “Fabric Vault” until I sew again. Maybe after I finish this sampler.

  17. Georgia’s quilt is beautiful! Have you thought of publishing the design? I would buy it in a heart beat. I would love to make one.

  18. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love Georgia’s quilt!!! I’m quilting on my DSM (I so miss my longarm!!!) a quilt for a lady my daughter cares for. This lovely lady was institutionalized when she was a child and has someone with her 24/7. My daughter loves taking her to church and has become her buddy. I made my daughter a tummy-time quilt for her son (born in July) and the lady loved it, so I’m making an adult-sized one for her.

  19. Oh my, Georgia’s quilt sure came out cute. I absolutely love the colors. They all work so well together. Just adorable. Glad you are back quilting and still cross stitching at the same time. Seems like when I draft I tend to craft one hobby at a time. I’m trying to break that habit because I really can multitask in real life so I should be able to carry that over to crafting.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  20. I have been hand sewing the binding on two quilts and a table runner while on a road trip with hubbie. All are UFO’S. One quilt is at least 25 years old, one from 2006 and the table runner from 2003. Woohoo , more room in my sewing for new fabric.

  21. Congratulations on finishing Georgia’s quilt … it’s something she’ll treasure forever! I love the soft colors you used. I really enjoy improv quilting, but I’m afraid I’m not as creative as you. I mostly make square blocks, but it’s very relaxing to just keep adding on irregular shapes and colors.

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