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Last week I got lots accomplished.  This week, not much.  So goes life some weeks.

I was at the doctor’s the 9th and again on the 12th.  That really sucks up a lot of time especially when it’s 2 hours there and 2 back home again.  Then I always feel behind once I’m home.  That’s likely how it will be until we get my health figured out again.

I loved the feeling of having my Sheep Virtue for September finished so I decided to jump right into the October one.

I turned something on television and started stitching.  I got this far and ran out of thread….Bummer!  All twelve months of these use the same thread pack.  I was out of the dark brown and didn’t have any on reserve.  So I grabbed a pen and paper and made a list of the thread I need.

Then I pulled this project that I had previously been working on and picked it up again.  I love the look of these but hate the constant thread changing.

I realized I am a couple stitches off on this but I am confident I can fudge it.  I am definitely not pulling stitches.  This is just a quick project that wouldn’t be out for display much anyway so I don’t mind if I’m a stitch off.

In the sewing room I pulled this fabric and made a pillowcase for Jody.

The main dark fabric is pretty cool.  It’s a simple pillow case.  I hope she was able to use it before she passed.  I had bought the fabric some time ago with her in mind…I sure wish I had made it sooner.  She so appreciated handmade gifts as she knew the work and thought process that went into them.

We have her funeral coming up this week.  How hard.

The last time I saw Jody at the hospital and we told her she only had a few days to live, she joked with me wondering if there there were sewing machines in heaven.  I told her if there are, I’m sure the machines don’t break down..that the bobbin doesn’t run out…that the cost is nothing.  How wonderful that would be.  She smiled and wondered if they would be gold plated.  All I know is that if there are sewing machines in heaven, I hope she’s got a machine set up and reserved for me right next to her and we could have a sewing day when I get there.

I’m guessing a lot of sewing won’t get done this next week….that’s okay.  It will be here when I have time.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. So sorry you are going through another loss of a beloved family member. I too believe there are sewing machines in heaven! Prayers and hugs.

  2. The fabric for Jody’s pillow case is gorgeous! I wonder if it’s still for sale somewhere. I am praying for you and your family. It seems as if you keep getting “knock out” punches and you get back up with our Great Lord Jesus help to keep going. Thank you for your example. It’s s good one to follow.

  3. Just think, Jo, of all that embroidery floss you and your daughters have found at the thrift stores. There is probably some of the exact color you need in those collections. I’m sure your daughters would share with you if there isn’t any in your own stash of floss.
    I made a twin topper quilt with some of that black Praise fabric for a friend of mine. She likes scripture words on her bed for comfort.

  4. I rest in the belief that God knows exactly what we need to bring us the most Joy once we are in heaven. With that thought, I believe there will be sewing machines and all sorts of crafty good things. After all, God is a creative being, and being created in His image, so are we.

  5. May you remember all the good times with Jody and may you find comfort in knowing that her pain here on earth is no more. Prayers for her family and all those that knew and loved her.

  6. LOVE that Autumn alphabet cross-stitch!! It ALMOST makes me want to pick up my floss again. I gave it up for quilting, as I could next stay on count! I’m glad you have some great memories of your friend to take you through this week and beyond. Sending quilty hugs!

  7. I was thinking of what it would be like in HEAVEN. I hope they have vegetable and flower garden too, so I can continue with that. Yes I think they will have sewing machines there too. Take care and GOD BLESS YOU.

  8. Jo,
    You have been living with a lot of hard things–Kramer’s illness and death, your own cancer and now losing Jody. That your quilt was chosen for the APQ Quiltalong at this time has be to extra special. The quilt is a beauty and so many of us will love piecing our own.

  9. What a lovely thought – sewing machines in heaven. I’d have to add: with our beloved pets circling around beneath the tables, unlimited lovely cups of tea, spring outside with year-round sunshine & our loved ones joining us (either sewing or helping!). I’m sorry you are dealing with so much! Prayers are on-going in hopes that you get your own health under control — your family needs you! Take care….

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