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I didn’t get much done last week…well it didn’t feel like I did as I was sick from about Wednesday on.  I caught the summer cold that has been racing through childcare.  I usually miss the summer cold season but this year it got me.

I did get extra stitching time in because of it as I sat on the couch two nights because after childcare I was pretty whipped.

I finished this….

I found the pattern at a thrift store awhile back and paid 25 cents for it.  I grabbed some scrap linen and stitched it up.

I ended up using the expensive floss on the pumpkin.  That’s what gives it the mottled look.  The rest was done with good old DMC floss.

It’s small only 3″ x 3″ or so.  Now I need to come up with a finishing idea.  I’ve been wanting to do a little more decorating in the house…not a lot but some.  Until I figure out what I’m going to do, I don’t know if I’ll finish it.  We’ll see.

I just love making something from virtually nothing…or something at very low cost but big punch for entertainment.  This one was it for sure!

Being that one was finished I started in on this one….

This is the next one of the Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks.  This is month 8 and if I want to keep up I need to keep stitching.

I came around the corner as I was stitching the border and ran into some trouble.  I was one thread off.  I decided to fudge it.  I had looked and couldn’t see the problem.  Then about three stitches into the “fudge” I found the problem so I ripped out and redid.  I’m glad I found and fixed the problem even if it meant backtracking a few stitches.  Thankfully the problem was and easy fix and little ripping.

Some of you might remember that these little stitches have been telling my life in words.

Here they are as a set.

Image result for little sheep virtues
I’m so hoping that by the time I get to December and stitch “Joyfulness”, I’ll actually be in a “joyful” mode.  I had stitched these through Kramer’s cancer treatments with the hope that by the time we got to November we’d be grateful that is was over and by December, we’d find more joy.  That plan obviously changed but I am still looking for joy again.  Seriously…stitching these has been therapeutic.

Being I wasn’t feeling good, I wasn’t upstairs much thus not much sewing….I got this done on Georgia’s quilt.  The next side of the quilt border is done.

I really love piecing this but I’m getting ready to just sit next to a machine and piece together 1000 half square triangles…something I don’t need to think about much to do.

While I was sewing that together I worked on this block as a leader and ender. to do with the border.  The lighting was different for this picture.  It’s really as white as the top picture.    Doing these little diagonal blocks are harder than regular blocks but so worth it.

I’m hoping that this week I get more done.  I’m going to have to completely recover from this cold before that happens though.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Georgia’s quilt is coming along nicely and I’m loving the purple alphabet. I admire your patience and dedication for the cross stitching. Those are very nice.

    Sorry you were under the weather a bit. Hopefully rest and some quiet stitching will have you feeling better.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Jo, the absolute best finishing ideas can be found on http://www.thetwistedstitcher.blogspot.com

    She has shared both picture and video tutorials. She does the finishing for some pattern designers like Little House, does professional finishing and is a pretty interesting blogger. She is a lot like you in that her blog started a lot and now she is published.

    You might find her blog and instructions helpful.

  3. Good morning. I also got that darn summer cold and thank goodness we have our handy work to help us heal. Please tell me what alphabet pattern you are using. The blocks are simply beautiful.
    Alice from Wisconsin

  4. Praying you feel better soon. Those summer colds seem to be the worst, don’t they?
    Your quilt and cross stitch are coming along beautifully!
    Love and prayers.

  5. Thank you, Ana, for that link. That blog is amazing for finishing tutorials. I will watch all those. Deborah

  6. Love the pumpkin piece! You could finish it like an ornament and hang it from a kitchen cupboard knob. Georgia’s quilt is looking good. What a treasure it will be! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Love the little stitchings Jo. Finishing ideas:

    1. I obtained a “month” series back in 2003. I finished them in 4 small wall quilts. I’ll email you a photo of one of them as a sample.
    2. The shop I got them from framed each one and had them across the wall above a display.
    3. I could see them framed and surrounding a large opening in your home-family room to kitchen? Up the stairwell so you can read them each day as you go up and down? Place them at eye level for you at each step?
    4. Surround your front door with them?

    Can’t wait to see what you decide is right for you!

  8. Hi Jo, I love the sheep cross stitch! It will always bring you memories, and with time, joy. The boarder blocks will be a great addition to your quilt. Get well quickly. Happy Summer.

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