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I walked into my sewing room.  I didn’t get a lot further than that….well actually I started trying to find it back.  I went upstairs early one night with the intention of going to bed early.  Then I realized I wasn’t tired enough to fall asleep so I figured I might as well work in the sewing room for a half hour and see if that would make me tired…So that’s what I did.

This is what greeted me.  What a mess.  Back in January I was in sewing room bliss.  The whole room had been gutted and reorganized.  I had the sewing machines all up, together and working on individual projects.

Well over the course of Kramer’s illness and then death, things got thrown in there with the thought that when things slow down I’ll patch, put away, iron, or find a home for all of the things you see thrown in there.

Then all of it got shoved to the right so Kayla and Spencer could fit an air mattress in there.  When they came, we need more bedroom space and this was our option..so that’s what we did.

I started out with getting the machines set up back like they were….DARN.  I should sweep first.  BUT WAIT…where did my power strip go??

OH yah.  That’s right.  We needed a power strip from Kramer’s lift chair.
Then Kramer put his lift chair down and the chair came down on the power strip and broke the plug in of my embroidery lamp which was also plugged into the power strip.  In the process the prongs of the plug in of my embroidery light snapped off and stayed in the power strip.  We had to throw the power strip away.  I didn’t realize the kids took my power strip from the sewing room and it’s the one that got broke.  Spencer rewired my lamp but we didn’t replace the strip.  Add that to the list.

So being I was as far as that could get for now, I turned and saw my poor plants.  My beautiful African Violets that were once my pride and joy are almost dead.  I can’t believe with the terrible shape they are in that there was a bloom on some of them.  They are trying so hard…poor plants.

They desperately need to be repotted.  This one needs to be seperated.

Below is an old picture of my favorite one…I threw it in the garbage.  It was completely DEAD.  Kayla gave me this one…I’m hoping she might have a replacement for me.

Below is another old photo….another favorite of mine.  I’m going to see if I can revive it….

Can you believe it went from this…

to this???

It’s totally depressing.

I’m trying to find the courage to drag them all downstairs and start over.  UGH.  I know there’s a few I can revive but it’s all kind of sad.

Before I can sew, I have to deal with them.  I can’t sit at the machine to sew if my plants look like they do.

Many things around here are that way…I have to address one thing before I can do another.  I’ll be honest, part of me wants to throw the old out and start with new but that’s not quite in me either to give up on the hurting plants.

So that’s where I am at with the sewing room.  I made it inside…now for a little more time that I’m hoping to get this weekend.  I have the 4th and 5th off.  I’m hoping for a little catch up time.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I find it amazing that your violets have any green left! You have been a tab bit busy with other things demanding your attention! If I had any green growing thing in my quilting room, it would not make it either!! I have absolute faith that you will be able to bring these poor violets back to their former glory, with love, water and re-potting!! Just a bit difficult squeezing everything into one day…pace yourself and you’ll get everything back to where you need it to be.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I”m afraid my thumbs are brown. Plants are amazing things and can rebound from a lot! And I know you are a nurturer and will try your best. We have a hibiscus plant of 20 years or so planted outside. When we have a cold winter (Florida winter) it will freeze down to nothing and come right back. It is now big and healthy and I basically ignore it. This past winter wasn’t cold enough so it is going strong. Next to it is a Camilla bush that just blooms and blooms. If I made an effort, these things might even be wonderful!

  3. Donna Pheneger

    It’s like eating an elephant – one bite at a time, right?
    That’s how I felt when we moved out of the house, into the apartment, out of the apartment and into an RV. SO much to do, so much to give away or donate. What should we keep, and what should go into storage.
    It can be overwhelming to look at the big picture so do what you can in the time you have. Eventually, it will all get done. Plants first? Sure. Why not? :-)
    Love and prayers

  4. Crazy how those plants will come back stronger than ever. Is it something your bigger kiddos at daycare could help you with? I have an ivy that I re-potted this spring, but it is NOT coming back like I thought it should. I got it when my middle was born, so 16 years ago. Hoping a good dose of fertilizer and water will help. Maybe it needs to be root bound?? I know African violets like to be. Good luck-hope those plants bounce back.

  5. We lived overseas when I was a kid. One time we went home for a vacation and my mother asked a friend to look after her African violets. When we got back the friend refused to hand them over saying they had been abused! My mother could never be accused of having a green thumb! My father made up for it outdoors so we never really noticed the lack of plants indoors.
    The one thing about plants is that they are resilient, I’m sure you will have lots of fabulous plants again soon.

  6. Baby steps and if you need to replant them, go ahead and if you need to pitch them, feel free. I’m glad you will have a few days off this week. Thinking of you, hugs.

  7. one day at a time, friend. one thing, one issue, one goal. And appreciate every single thing that you get done.

  8. So happy you were in the sewing room. My Mom recently went to the Home. I took a couple of African violets home to revive them as they looked even worse than yours. They are perking up now! Hang in there, Jo! One day at a time. Maybe Kelli could help you.

  9. Well…I am four years a widow…it is a long hard journey I used to have 20 beautiful African violets too…but when all of the rest of the things fell to me, I had to let it all go. For me no African Violets was better than dead ones…or ones I had to cater to. Good luck to you. I am so happy you have a huge supportive family and a wonderful sewing room xo

  10. I did the same thing last night. I couldn’t sleep as it was so hot, so I went to my sewing room and cute squares for quilts. I sleep upstairs, no air conditioner in my house and my sewing room is right next to the bedroom. It was one of my daughters old bedroom. I live alone as my kids are all grown and gone from home. I finally had to toss my old one and only African violet out too as it just didn’t grow good and hardly ever bloomed. It was really old and probably didn’t have much growth left. I hope you were able to save yours. I have enough Christmas Cactus plants to make up for my African violet

  11. Well, your sewing room may be a mess and the plants are suffering, but you had so much else on your mind you can certainly be forgiven. You will get it all taken care of in time and if anyone an revive those violets it’s you.

  12. Oh dear the poor plants . Don’t throw the plants out right away, they are much stronger than you think! I always put the the pots in the sink with warm water, and leave over night, when my plants get a little sad. You might be surprised the water they will drink up and perk a little every day! I alway water with warm water. I also tell them if there aren’t going to bloom I will put them is the garbage. That usually helps.

  13. Perhaps I should send you a cutting from my one and only African violet … it blooms perfectly all of the time … it’s artificial … LOL! More time for sewing … and cross stitching. I haven’t cross stitched in probably 20 years, but after seeing all your projects, I just ordered a new pattern. Wow … that’s going to be a bit of a learning curve! Good luck with the plants and all of your stitching projects. Hope you can relax and enjoy them.

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