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Last week was clean out week here.  I didn’t have childcare.  I took the week off to work on getting a fresh start to my life.  Kalissa, Craig, Karl and Kelli (Kayla was here one day too) hung out in the trenches with me.  It was good as I needed help.

Some people thought it was “too soon” as Kramer only pass away a bit ago but for me the timing was perfect.  We were planning a garage sale all along and now was the time.  We dug deeper and cleaned out more than Kramer would have done himself but that’s okay.  The half finished projects aren’t going to be finished by anyone here….except for the few projects we kept back.

The garage was never cleaner.  NEVER except maybe the day before we moved in.  HA!!

We had a good sale…we sold about $2500 worth of stuff.  WOW…but there were LOTS of leftovers.  By about 10am Saturday morning I could see that there were going to be a lot of leftovers.  I started to try to figure out how on earth we were going to get through it all.  The kids had already helped with so much.  I felt terrible asking for more help now.  How was I going to get rid of metal stuff.  It can’t go in my garbage can.  AH!!  I’m not a real anxious person at all but I’ll admit to feeling a little anxious about it all.  I was okay with boxing up the things that could be donated to the thrift store but what about this other STUFF.

See???  It was a lot.  Little was worth anything…all of it were not things we could donate to the thrift store.

That stuff was all outside.  We had stuff inside that we were able to donate so we started packing it up.  Then Kalissa reminded me that last year when we had the sale we had a great response to our free stuff on the curb.  I told her I was so pooped I didn’t want to drag it to the curb so we picked the few things out we wanted and then posted on Facebook that anything on the driveway that was left was free and they could come and get it….and come they did.

Karl and Kalissa took off with a load of stuff that could be donated and I started cleaning the garage.  As I cleaned people came and picked through the leftovers.  About a half hour after the posting someone came (Let’s call him Charlie) and was actually interested in the snow blower that hadn’t sold he didn’t say he wanted it but did start picking through the junk.  A family came and was picking through the junk too.  At the same time, someone else messaged Kelli that they were interested in the snow blower too.  Well the person Kelli was talking to said yes first it happened to be a friend of her family.

So the guy “Charlie” got a little ambitious and started making a pile of the junk.  I could tell he likely wanted some of the things that others were taking.  About then the family left and “Charlie” came up to me and asked if I would hold everything for him if he promised to come and take absolutely everything that was left.

HECK YES!!!  My problem was solved.  It was the biggest blessing I’ve had in a long time.  WOW…all of the crap that I was anxious about getting rid of had a new home.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  Seriously, I was ready to give HIM money to take it.  I didn’t as he was THRILLED at getting all of the stuff for free!!

So while he cleaned off my driveway, Karl and Kalissa delivered the stuff to the thrift store.  I cleaned the garage and Kelli divied up the money.

Here’s my clean garage….WOW!

Kramer’s workshop corner still needs a lot of work.  I’ll get to it someday.

Right now I’m moving on and getting into the house to do some cleaning that is long overdue and I have a living room that needs to get painted.  Anyone out there that loves to paint??  I’d gladly take some help.   I hate painting but it’s a necessary evil this time.

25 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Just like the Ever Ready bunny you just keep going. You are moving into your new normal doing what you want. My hat is off for you, continue to do what feels right for you. It’s what I hope I would do if I was walking your walk. May you feel the love of God surrounding you as you transition to a new normal.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a blessing to have “Charlie” show up when he did!! And to sell the snow blower you can’t use! Garage sales are really hard work, but it is definitely made worse by all the stuff you don’t want and neither does anyone else. I’ll definitely have to remember the “free” at the end of the sale when I have to clean out my dad’s home.

  3. Donna Pheneger

    You’re right…some will say it’s too early but you do what’s best for you. Plus, you didn’t really get rid of the things that held fond memories, did you? :-) Those are the keepers.
    Love and prayers to you and the family

  4. margaret Parks

    you are right to do what you feel is “right” at this time. I too, did a lot of things after my husband died at age 48 that everyone told me was too soon. That was 38 years ago, and I still feel I did the right things. Our husbands would be proud of us!

  5. So happy you enjoyed a great sale and thankful that you had angels clear out all that was left. Have a great week.

  6. Yay!! You got rid of things you couldn’t use. It will be the same with my husband. Heck, half of the stuff I have no idea what it even is! I sure was thinking of all of you yesterday. I know it was a hard day to get through.

  7. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I know your effort this weekend was cleansing! It feels good to clean it all out.
    I’m starting my clean for our annual church yard sale.

  8. Its a marvelous feeling getting some of the space back in your garage and seeing it so tidy, good for you Jo and the kids for pitching in and “Charlie” for coming along. If I lived closer I would help with the painting but alas…..

  9. I love to paint and just finished our family room. If I lived closer I’d be there in a minute to help you! Wish our garage was as clean as yours!

  10. If I lived closer, I’d paint your rooms. When I was a new widow at 51 years old, I redid the whole house. I know now I needed to do work so the grieving would not overwhelm me. Keep on being busy, it helps.

  11. Glad you got rid of all the things that didn’t sell! It must be a huge relief! You do what is best for you and heck with the naysayers! Wish I lived closer, I love to paint and I have gotten good at cutting in along ceilings!

  12. Great work! I’m sure this really does make you feel a bit better. What a blessing in the help from your kids and from dear ‘Charlie’. Enjoy the joy of lightening of your load and getting your life back a bit. You are an inspiration and continue to be held up in prayer.

  13. Glad the sale was so successful. I thought about coming down on Saturday, but I’m trying to clean out my own house. I did’t want to be tempted by any of your treasures!

  14. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sweet to get all that cleaning done! Now on to the next thing – enjoy the kiddos today – I know you will. Lots of stories and fun crafts and giggles. Sending prayers your way!

  15. What a blessing “Charlie” was to take all the stuff you were stressing over God works in strange ways but he and Kramer were there with you.

    Keep on doing what you feel you need to do.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  16. Brenda ackerman

    The egg crates you have on the floor in your garage I have two of them. I have them on top of a antique pie safe. One stands up and one laying down. I have antique quilts folded up in them. Then I put a chicken on top of the one laying down. Everyone loves them.

  17. perfect for you…within 3 weeks of my husbands death, I had taken all his shirts to the rotary cutter..vroom..into 4inch strips for family quilts…If I had waited until later, I might not have had it in me…so we just do what we have to do.xo

  18. When arthritis put an end to my husband’s woodworking, he looked up what his tools cost new, then evaluated them, and then advertised what he wanted. It was all gone in a couple of days. One man came and kept taking stuff as he was getting into woodworking. So Kramer’s shop items may go quicker than you think. JUST MAKE SURE YOUR READY to get rid of things. Don’t move too quickly. And, may God be with you. Just happy that your children are there for you.

  19. Hats off to you for sure! Kramer would be so proud! I think keeping busy is a wonderful way to deal with everything that has happened this year. Exhaustion should help you sleep, too! Just a thought on getting rid of things made out of metal…not sure about where you live, but there are “scrappers” that will take old appliances, metal anything, etc. They will come to you and then they get the money from the weight of the metal (might be using the wrong word there). It isn’t worth much per pound, but my son got enough from appliances to pay for the gas to take his stuff to a scrap place (he didn’t find anyone to come to his “boonies” location).

  20. Hi Jo—I read your blog all the time. How brave of you to do the sale–Now look at your beautiful garage!!
    I live out here on the Oregon coast and would love to be in the midwest again. My best to your and your lovely family. I am sure they are a blessing to you.

  21. I second Lola Z’s sentiments! Finding your new normal, good way to think of it. I do hope you feel the love being sent your way.

    Kudos for going thru with the garage sale! I bet it was a huge relief! Best to do it while you had willing volunteers!

    After Mama died, we waited a year before cleaning out the home she and Daddy had shared for over 17 years. Mostly, because Daddy didn’t want to make any rash changes too quickly. When he moved up to live across the street from us, 98% of what needed to be gone through and dealt with fell to me, maybe 1.75% on Dad (mostly what he wanted to keep in his shop) and I got one afternoon of help from my sisters. It was a hellacious week and a half of going through enormous closets in a 1600 sq ft home, where every closet, nook and cranny was filled due to my packrat parentage. It’s very hard for an admitted packrat, to get rid of things (but it was Mama’s), but I succeeded in weeding it down to one haul truck and a small trailer.

    And I think, Sue M’s is correct about workshop items selling well. The things that sold best on craigslist were the winnowed out tools from Dad’s shop and garage.

    Stay Kramer strong!

  22. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are helping quite a few people experiencing similar major life changes. X

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