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First off some news on the Kramer hospital stay:
Yesterday we found out that he’ll likely be in the hospital a minimum until Tuesday.  They were giving him two strong IV antibiotics.  They took one away yesterday and will see how he does.  If he does okay, they will take the other one away today.  They will monitor him after that and assess then.  That bring us to Tuesday.  As frustrating as it is to not be at home, we both don’t want him here if there is a possibility he will tank again.  We want to put this episode COMPLETELY behind us.

I opted to come home…mostly because Kramer pushed me too.  I’ll do childcare Monday and if things go as planned part of Tuesday then Kelli will come and finish up childcare for Tuesday.

Little by little we are getting closer to the two of us both being home.

Now onto the regular post.

I did get some stitching time this week…
It was all thanks to the hospital stay in Lacrosse for Kramer.

It looks like I got a lot done but it really wasn’t a lot.  Two of the pieces were nearing the end so I did some quick stitching and they were finished.

A blog reader had sent this Lizzie Kate pattern to me and I was tickled.  It certainly fits for what we are going through now.

I changed the colors a bit by making the pink more red and the blue moved to a darker blue.  I used a scrap piece of fabric that another blog reader gifted to me.  I started it too far to the right and ended up with just barely enough room to fit the whole saying on.  I’m finishing it myself so it isn’t a bit deal.

I do really like this.  Thanks so much to you blog readers that gifted the goodies.  It kept my mind from worrying…

This one was almost finished.  I only have the house left.  My fabric is pretty dark and the house was supposed to be the same color as the moon.  I didn’t think it would show up so I just left it thinking I’d come up with some other color.  Kelli suggested blue.  What do you think?

I don’t love it.  It’s too overpowering as it’s so dark.  UGH.  It’s stitched.  I might unstitch it at some point but it won’t be now.  I am not feeling like unstitching.

For those of you who don’t cross stitch, I think unstitching is way worse than ripping out a seam that was sewn while quilting.

So with those finished, it was sime to start the next one…I’m on to “Simplicity”.

Once I got home I pulled out the two finished ones and started looking for something new to pot into my bag.  “Patience” is the next virtue and I pulled an easy small “be ever thankful” piece.

That chart I found at the thrift store for 25 cents.  I’m thrilled with the bargain and am eager to start stitching it.

Thanks all I’ve been up to in the sewing/stitching/crafting department.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I agree that the blue house is too dark. That “FAITH” house needs yellow windows, to show the “light of the gospel” that shines in your life. Just my suggestion.

  2. Keeping Kramer in prayer as well as the rest of you!

    Yes, frogging is tough especially when you have to rip out so much. Spent a couple of hours doing that a couple of weeks ago but in the end, was happy I did it. When in the mood or when you need something to do that doesn’t require thinking, definitely take it out if you’re not happy with it. Good Luck!

  3. I LOVE the suggestion for the yellow for the windows. You certainly do “let your light shine,” Jo! As for all your cross stitch projects, I ALMOST want to start doing that again. ALMOST! hahaha After I get my WIP quilts finished and quilted, soap made, crafts for our farm market, rugs twined, vintage sewing machines cleaned and polished….I have too many hobbies!

    My third grade teacher always said, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Jo, I don’t think the devil stands a chance with us!

    Love you and your family, and continued prayers for you all and for Kramer to find comfort and ease from pain and, of course, a miracle healing.

  4. Elizabeth V K

    I like the dark blue house. If you are going to rip, I agree with the yellow windows as light shines from the home but with the blue. Continuing to keep you all in my prayers.

  5. Sherry Whalen

    Ohh…removing cross stitch. I’ve done it – didn’t like it lol! I like the dark blue house but if you feel that it needs lightening up – I wonder if you could ‘over stitch’ some trim on the house in lighter colors, like a gingerbread trim and like others said yellow in the windows to make light come from within.

    Continued prayers of your family. Kramer strong!

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Jo – I love the blue house – – Maybe cause our house is blue – – Our roof and front door are brown though and the trim is almond – – but the most important part of the whole cross stitch is there – faith – I would leave it as is.

  7. I’m so glad to read that Kramer is doing better and I sure hope he gets to come home on Tuesday. I like the dark blue house on your stitchery, but its your stitchery.

  8. I like the blue. I think it goes well with the other colors. The gingerbread trmn talked about above may lighten it a little if you think it needs it. Another idea might be back stitching panes in the windows in white
    might brighten it up. The important thing it’s done.

  9. I was thrifting Saturday and saw a small Lizzie Kate design of just a cute cow with no saying. It brought you to mind of course. Maybe you were in extra need of prayer at that moment.

  10. I like the blue house. I would leave it. I live in a blue house too. I used to do counted cross stitch but my eyes are too bad now. I can’t tell the colors apart anymore. So… I quilt now. Your stitcheries are so cute; I love the inspirational sayings. Prayers for you and Kramer for healing.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    I agree with some of the others instead of undoing the house decorate it like the Pennsylvania Dutch do. Stuff like birds, flowers,quilt blocks etc. Am praying also.

  12. I love your “too dark” picture. It’s very prim, which I like. If you wanted to change the windows and use yellow floss or orange floss that would be pretty. Otherwise, it’s perfect!

  13. Jo, you love red, why not stitch the house in a red shade? And ripping out takes twice as much time as stitching. I’ve been stitching fir so long, I change colors all the time to suit me.

  14. Don’t bother doing anythingwith the bluehouse until you have all of them stitched. I think your use of a darker fabric is part of your issue with it being to dark. If you wait, you may use another darker fabric and they would balance when in a group. The a light yellow for the windows is a good idea. You could also lighten up the roof some instead of the house.

  15. I like the house in blue. I don’t think it’s too dark at all, but perhaps it’s the difference in seeing it in person and seeing it through pictures. You are smart to have a busy bag and suitcase ready to go. It makes those things something you don’t have to consider while in the rush to get to the hospital. Prayers for your family.

  16. I love your work and the changes you made. They make the stitches stand out more! Years ago I did the “Be Ever Thankful” I love it but lost the pattern. Would it be possible t for you to just post the numbers of the color skeins for it. I hope your family are all well. Thanks Carol

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