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I am just popping in quick with a couple pictures of what I’m working on…. This is the start of a quilt for the Fireman’s Breakfast and Raffle.   The event is in the beginning of March so I really need to keep plugging away on it.  My version is going to be larger.


There is a checkerboard around each block.  Mine will feature black and white squares.  The  blocks are 10″ x 10″ so I only need 49 blocks.  I have half of them finished but haven’t started the checkerboard.  I am hoping that it goes together quickly.  I am also working on another Moda Bake Shop project, my crumb quilt, and of course my quilt square for next month.  Oh my list never ends.  The pattern for the quilt came from this magazine.


I have a busy day.  I had unexpected company from my brother who I don’t get to see much (Thanks for coming Jay!!)  I am packing and organizing so I can speak at the quilt guild meeting tonight in Cresco, Iowa…I’ve never even been to a guild meeting so I have no idea what I am suppose to talk about.  I’m winging it.  I am hoping to show you a few pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Your fireman’s quilt has a cute background. What’s the design? Do you plan on using it on the outside border too? I’ve seen so nice firefighter fabrics and the one you’ve used is one of them. Will you be using it throughout? Enjoy the quilt guild lecture! Sandi

  2. Can’t wait to see a picture of the finished fireman’s quilt. I’ve been looking for inspiration to put a quilt together for my son who is a volunteer fireman. I have some firefighter fabric, some farm and john deere fabric and hunting fabric that I want to incorporate into a quilt. These are all pieces of his life that I want to incorporated into the quilt. I fear there are to many colors to do it all in one quilt – so I keep putting it off. Have fun with you lecture.

  3. Thanks so much for coming to our guild. You did a fantastic job.I enjoyed it so very much .Already ordered some of the books you shared for the then shop.Wish I could get as much sewing done as you do.. Thanks again, Katie from Quilters Garden

  4. Oh I really think the fireman quilt is cool- I think it will look even cooler when the black and white goes on. I hope you blew ther socks off at the guild meeting. You have great quilting experience so I am sure it went off without a hitch.

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