Spring Cleaning

It was one of those “try to stay afloat” weeks for us.  With my doctor appointments and Kramer’s crash landing in the ER on Saturday I gave up on anything fun.  I decided to clean instead.

Part of that was prompted because Kalissa said she is having a garage sale.  Well that had me looking around and getting the spring cleaning itch.  Oh, I’d love to clean…and that’s exactly what I did.  Thankfully cleaning is something I can do a little of here and there and feel like I got something accomplished.

Kayla was here and I made the decision to offer my Fairy Gardens to her.  I had all beautiful matching pots, decent plants but ZERO space to winter things over.  It was so hard wintering things over.  One year I tried the basement…one the upstairs and one the main floor.  UGH.  I just never felt like I was doing a decent job.  Then when spring came I was always needing to buy more plants as the wintered over so terribly.  It was a money pit..but I did love it.  I might do something different.  I think ONE pot only!!

I LOVED the fairy gardens in the summer but the winter…UGH.  Unfortunately where we live, the summer isn’t all that long.  Anyway…that was wonderful to have all of that gone!

Then I started in on my upstairs closet.  All of my clothes are all gone through….Then to the bathroom.  All of the extra childcare clothes, bids and blankets have been gone through.  I have stuff for the garage sale.

Well all the cleaning and stuff got us to thinking that we might as well just have the garage sale here at my house.  I know we have PLENTY of irons in the fire already but…nothing make me happier than getting rid of STUFF!

From there Kalissa messaged me and asked if I was working outside…No I wasn’t.  Then she said, if you are we thought we’d come over and help.  Oh wait…YES.  I will run outside.  I will work outside.  I’m not declining any help.

Kramer has it in his mind that we are going to landscape the front of the house.  I think he sits in his recliner and thinks of all the things he wishes were done….then we end up doing them.  He got Kelli talked into taking him to Menards last week and she helped him bring home all of this….

AHHH!!  So guess what’s the project is…Landscaping.

I’m writing this Sunday afternoon.  I’m heading outside as soon as I finish this post.  I hope Kalissa is up for some landscaping as I know Kramer isn’t up for it.  Hopefully he’ll be a kind supervisor and not tell us how wrong we are doing.  He’s a great guy…but he still is “a guy”.  Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Sometimes the boss just has to take what he gets from the free help. I’m sure Kramer will be/was as patient as he can be considering he’s disappointed he can’t do it himself.

  2. Best of luck on your projects. My daughters are here at my house painting the dining room. Their kids are off for Easter break. So much to do! I’m grateful for their help.

  3. Mary Etherington

    Oh, my goodness- that’s a huge Job! Where are the sons-in-law? They’re strong – could they dig the holes?

  4. Oh never turn down help!!!!! Once it’s done you will smile every time you come home seeing the nice landscaping. Something about working in the dirt just brings peace.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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