What I’m Working On….

Still no sewing here.

I talked to Kelli and told her that Georgia will get a baby quilt but it will be awhile.  I feel bad about not having it done but Kelli was great about it.

I would love to say that I was busy cross stitching but I really haven’t done much of that either.

The color isn’t right in the photo…but here’s my little progress.  I previously had the two bottom lines stitched but nothing else.  This was Friday night stitching.  I stayed up past my bedtime to get it done.

I had been hoping to get up early two days a week and sew but honestly, I just can’t do it.  I’m so whooped.

I had some time on Saturday but that was sucked up by spring lawn work.  It was such a beautiful day.  Kramer was trying to do some outside things and I didn’t want him outside by himself.  Plus…my flowers needed attention.

Then I got the cleaning bug and this happened…YES.  I cleaned the refrigerator.  I cleaned a lot of the kitchen too….Including the top of the refrigerator, a couple windows got washed, the cupboard fronts did too.  I wish I would have an entire week just to clean and get through most everything.

I spent all of Sunday, besides church, cleaning-the deep cleaning, spring cleaning kind…that is until I got sidetracked.  Yep.  Pies two weeks in a row.  More than anything I’m clinging to domestic life.

When I make pie I’ve started making little hand pies with the extra dough from the crust.  I never used to do that and now, I love it.  The hand pies are cherry…the pies, fresh blueberry.

Everyone talks about dream jobs or what they would do if they won the lottery.  Seriously, I’d love nothing more than staying home and taking care of the house and making wonderful food all the time….of course quilting and stitching and likely blogging would still be things I’d do.  Domestic life is my favorite.

We get so much company and extra people are here that I do a lot more cooking than I’ve done in the recent past.  I also feel bad when Kelli comes over and helps that she’s giving up her time so I often send some food home with her.  I’m sure some pie will go home to Jason.  It makes me feel better.

Today begins week #3 of chemo and radiation for Kramer.  I’m the driver today.  We are leaving at 5:30am.  We’ll likely get back at about 5pm.  Mondays are long days.  I’ll spend most of my time stitching when I can.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Wow – hope your day goes well – nice to get outside in the fresh air. The pies look so tasty :) Glad to hear Gannon is doing better.

  2. Paulette Voit

    Things will calm down a bit when you get to the end of the round of chemo and radiation. You’ve got such a whirlwind going on right now with Kramer feeling all the effects and Gannon being so sick. Hang in there Jo, you can do it! If it takes pies for you to keep your sanity then keep baking.

  3. If I lived closer, I’d come help you clean just so I could eat some pie! hahaha They do look yummy!

    I’m exactly the same as you, Jo….let me stay at home and do “Susie Homemaker” things, and I’m the happiest gal around. Isn’t it great that we find our joy in “doing” and not in “buying?” Well, except fabric, of course. That goes without saying. ;-)

    Take care and be careful with those long drives. Love you!

  4. Elizabeth V K

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you give yourself permission to take time for you even if sewing time does not happen. Praying for a good week for all.

  5. I just love it when you say, “and then this happened…” Always makes me smile even before I see the pics!

  6. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Is this the halfway point for Kramer? Stitch and pray your way today. This is your time to take care of you while Kramer gets his treatment. Hope Kramer does well this week! Think about you guys every day. Take care my friend…pie therapy must work. Your family is so lucky!

  7. Marianne Barta

    You are doing great in this whirlwind! Fresh air and being outside is also good for you. Best wishes always to you and family. Prayers and Hugs.

  8. Deep cleaning does make one feel so good! Your pies look so neat & pretty. Both You & Kramer keep up the good work, you’ll be through this before you know it.

  9. Take care of yourself. I remember how exhausting the worry was. Yes, even if you push it to the back of your mind, the uncertainty is there…and that leads to the exhaustion. again, take care of yourself and let others take care of you and Kramer and Ganon and the rest of the family!!!

  10. Hope your day goes well and Kramer makes it through radiation and chemo. Glad to hear baby Gannon is home and on the right path.

    Keeping you all in my prayers.

  11. Penny Holliday

    Hang in there, Jo & try to take care of yourself & keep on stitching! Gannon & Georgia are looking good! Hope Kramer does as well as possible today. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!

  12. It never hurts to have more than one hobby to choose from. I think most of us are like you with multiple projects in the works. It sure keeps a bad case of boredom from thinking it can take up residence. Hugs ‘n Prayers to one and all.

  13. sharon mcneal

    want to follow this blog but ad popups cancel the post within 7 seconds of me pulling up. watch you on bloglovin. maybe U can fix the problem. I don’t have this issue with other blogs on bloglovin. thx

  14. Keep on keeping on, one pie at a time. Love that you got outside in the garden with Kramer. There’s nothing like good fresh air to clear the cobwebs. Love too that you had some special time with Kelli and Georgia Grace. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers each day.

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