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Over the weekend Kelli was home.  She had a small quilt that her boyfriend’s mom made that need to be quilted.  Kelli was suppose to quilt it…We ended up compromising.  She gave Gracie a bath and helped hubby when it time to trim Gracie’s toenails.  All it all, it was a good trade off for me.  I’d rather quilt a quilt any day.

The quilt is a bridal shower gift.  I wrote the bride and groom’s name in the border….


I was happy with how it turned out.  It’s sometimes hard to keep spacing in mind when writing names.  Here’s another look at the quilting.  It’s all just free hand swirls and flowers.


We used a green thread and it looks really good on the black fabric.  Renee did a great job of piecing the quilt.  I am sure this will be a treasure gift.


I don’t know the name of pattern.  The quilt is a smaller version of one Renee made that I quilted for her before.  You can see the quilt done in other colors here.  She does a great job at coordinating prints.

As for sewing for me…I am in between projects.  Trying to finish up two that I have the blocks done for and starting a new one.  I was hoping for more sewing time this weekend but alas…it didn’t happen.

You can hop of over to Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is busy with. You can also hop over and see the Orca Bay quilt linky party over at Quiltville.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. the pattern is called a few different names…. “disappearing nines”/”hidden nines”/ or “nine to four”… at least thats what it looks like to me

  2. I saw it immediately as a D9P – I never knew the other names for it that Karen put forward. Interesing – one learns something new each day in blogland. Margaret

  3. That is a beautiful quilt! The colors and quilting are lovely! btw, I finished my Bear Paw square…lord have mercy!!! It is a mess…I am hoping that someone will mistake it for a very vintage doll quilt made by a small child in the early 1900’s while traveling in a very bumpy and dark wagon..during a storm:(

  4. Hi. I love this quilt. In a book I have called “love…Quilting” the pattern is called “Square Magic”
    But I have seen it with different names too.
    But what ever the name of the pattern the quilt is beautiful. I love the colour of the quilting it makes the quilt really special.

  5. In our guild we call it “tossed 9 patch” or “disappearing 9 patch.” Jo, one of your daughters made it but placed the blocks to represent squares and lattice with cornerstones.

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