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Last week I told you I was trying to decide what to do about a baby quilt for Kelli’s baby.  I even asked for guesses on whether she’d have a boy or girl so I knew what type of quilt to make.  We didn’t come up with any firm ideas so this is what I did….

I made a pile of “boyish” colored starter crumb blocks and I started an alphabet.

Plans are now that I’ll keep making “starter” pieces for crumb blocks and then let it sit.  All of the blocks I’m making will have some kind of block in them…a churn dash

…a star

…a nine patch

Flying Geese…

It can be anything that mimics a regular block.

If Kelli has a boy,  I’ll finish these up into a baby quilt for her.  If not, then they will go into a Crumble Jumble quilt for Craig.

I really shouldn’t have started the letters,  but what can I say.  I was in the mood.  I’ll admit, I really love making the letters.  Worst case scenario, I save them for another baby quilt.  That’s okay!  There will be more babies in my life.

So next up…starting a baby quilt like these in pastel.  I think I’ve decided that the letters will be purple.  I don’t have many purple shirts so the letters will stand out nicely.

Here are my Geese on a String quilt pieces…they are slowly coming along.

Slowly they are growing and growing.  I am so excited to get these together.

I put the last stitches in my Double Wedding Ring quilt this week too.  So that’s a top.  I need a backing for this.  I think I might have to break my fabric diet and buy one.  It would be my first quilt shop purchase for the year.  That’s not terrible.

This REALLY-REALLY needs a good ironing.

I’m at loss to know if I’ll get much sewing done this week.  As I write this, we are waiting for a call from the doctor to confirm that the surgery is on.  Then we’ll be waiting for a call from the OR coordinator to confirm the time of surgery.  If all goes as expected…surgery is tomorrow morning.  He’ll be in the hospital most of the week.  I’m not going to be there every day but some.  In the evenings I’m not there I’ll be sewing.  I’ll need the therapy.  I’m so thankful that I have sewing for a hobby.

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  1. Betty from Canada

    I hope hubby is ok. Now I have a question. When you join half square triangles together-how do you manage the corners where they meet? Do you press that seam open to reduce bulk? I have a terrible time getting the points to meet. Hope you can help. Thanks. You can e-mail me back at stickyslippers@mcsnet.ca

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Prayers will continue to be with Hubby, you and your family during his journey to good health. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and that God hears and answers our prayers. God bless you all.

  3. Love this quilt-has to feel good that it’s now a top.

    Thinking about you and Roger and the days to come. The door is open, several sewing machines set up and ready to use, room in the refrigerator, etc. so just call or email. Hugs to all at a tough time. D

  4. Prayers for your husband, for you, and for the surgeon. Prayers for a successful surgery, a quick recovery, and peace in the weeks ahead. My husband is a farmer and I know how restless they can be when they aren’t able to do what they love.

  5. Adding my well wishes for Hubby.

    As for the red alphabet, I’d consider those gender-neutral. You could use them regardless of the Kelli’s baby’s sex. They’ll play well with your pastel shades as well as with stronger-valued primary and secondary colors.

  6. I do love your letters. I need to tackle those someday. They make a fun quilt. Keeping you and Hubby and the whole family in my thoughts and prayers. Don’t forget to take care of YOU. Hugs!

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I love your quilts and parts of quilts. Positive thoughts for you and your hubby.

  8. Continued prayers for the upcoming surgery! I’m also in the camp that red is gender neutral but of course what matters is what you and Kelli think. Seeing your blocks have given me an idea of what to do with a baby quilt I was making but stopped because I could never get the exact colors to match the print I was using. I can cut up the blocks as scrap pieces!

  9. Prayers for everyone involved with your husbands surgery. Love your alphabet! I totally agree sewing IS therapy and I’m so grateful I can.

  10. Please know that our prayers & much love are being sent your way! Hugs to you both!

    P.S. All your projects are beautiful as always!

  11. Prayer for the entire family as you go ahead during this next treatment phase, prayers to the entire surgical team as they operate, and continued prayers for healing. Be sure to take care of you too Jo. Love from all your readers!

  12. Praying for Roger’s healing, peace of mind with the timing of finding this at the onset of spring, hoping that it isn’t causing too much anguish for your husband and y’all too. Praying for “y’all too” encompasses a lot of prayers for a lot of detail.

    The quilt’s are stunning and you always make them look so easy to get accomplished.

  13. Stephani in N. TX

    Beautiful “shirttail” blocks and alphabet. They will be wonderful in whatever quilt they end up in. Thoughts with you and yours for tomorrow. You’re a strong family so you got this!

  14. I love your letters and your wedding ring quilt! Good for you for not buying any yardage in a year! Wish I could say the same. You and Kramer will be in my prayers!

  15. Prayers for you, hubby and the family. I’m so happy you have sewing for a therapy. It really does help to take the mind off of the every day troubles. Keep the inspirations coming.

  16. Will keep you all in prayer and thank you for keeping us abreast.
    I know quilting definitely will help .
    The quilt you are putting together is so cute. Also the wedding ring really is gorgeous and I hope you find a wonderful backing,

  17. Patricia Boelens

    More prayers to give you strength for whatever comes be it the surgery or the waiting or what. The wedding ring quilt is special enough that it deserves its own special backing. So go for it girl, no regrets!

  18. Having a hand or machine project to work on will be a good distraction for you. I’ll be praying for Roger and his medical team tomorrow.

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