What I’m Working On…..

Things have been “not our normal” so time that I previously spent sewing, I’m now writing blog posts, going to doctor appointments, cleaning house or doing taxes.

I did some binding…

I did some pinning….

I did some piecing.  Over the last couple weeks when I didn’t have anything else to piece I’ve been working on the Geese on a String quilts.  This is in Bonnie Hunter’s newest book String Frenzy.

Mine is going to be colored differently as I made my geese blocks long ago before I knew what the pattern was going to look like.

I have all of the geese blocks sewn together into strips.  See?

Now I am working on the 4-patch rows.

I unfortunately sewed a few on the wrong way and needed to pick up my seam ripper.  I finally learned that the top point of the triangle needs to touch the purple square.

If you look at the picture below, you can get an idea of what the 4 patch columns will look like.

I have to give a huge shout out to my Gypsy Quilter Cutting Gizmo.  I love the thing.  I use it all the time when cutting apart the pieces that I’ve chain sewn together.  I love it.  I’m not a gadget girl but this one I really wouldn’t want to live without.
I always get asked how I get so much done, I think organization of my pieces is HIGH on the list.  Note all the pieces in the pile are oriented in the same direction.  I don’t have to twist and turn the pieces.  I don’t have to check and recheck how the next piece is going to be attached.
Once I got a system down it’s unlikely that I’ll be needing that seam ripper again.

I have yet to really sit down and work on these quilts….they are just kind of happening in between other things.  If I have only 15 minutes or am between projects, I sit down to the machine where this project is set up and sew for a bit.  I am always surprised when I look up a the clock, see that only 15 minutes have passed and I already have so much done.

Over the weekend I regrouped and will start in on more crumb blocks for the Hanken baby’s quilt once we are home from the next set of doctor appointments.  I sure do love making them.  They are especially good for me lately….I love thinking about the arrival of the new babies.  I think I’m ready for a rocking chair and a tiny new baby…or two.  Being Grandma is the best.

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  1. Thinking of you! I just purchased my first two Bonnie Hunt books, Connecting Threads had a good sale! I have been therapy sewing, I teach in a small district and we had two students pass away over the past two weeks. It has been rough emotionally and mindless, scrappy sewing was my go-to yesterday. Even if it is just a few minutes, the relaxing of the mind is priceless. Praying your week goes smoothly!

  2. Love your Geese on a String quilt! The colors are really girly and I remembered you saying they are for a couple of childcare kiddos. I have that cutting tool too but not that brand. I love it and I am not a gadget girl either! Hope your week goes well and the weather cooperates!

  3. Were your ears burning Saturday? A friend and I were admiring how much you get done. Thanks for your insight into the organization that you use. Maybe it will help us get to be as productive as you. You and hubby are in our thoughts and prayers for conquering your health issues. I’m jealous of your having little grandbabies. My youngest is 11. I miss the rocking chair. Love your blog.

  4. Thanks for explaining with words and pictures on how to sew the 4-patches in a row. That really helps. I like the colorway that you are using for your quilt. You and Roger are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. YOU are good therapy for us. Thanks for all the insight into how you work so productively. Just know that as we work, we are solving the world’s problems and praying for all things to be set right. You and yours are at the top of the list, many prayers are heading your way. We pray all will be well soon and you will have those two babies to cuddle and kiss.

  6. Jackie-you are in my prayers also. My teacher/librarian breaks for you. Have walked that journey and it is a tough one. Sending hugs your way.

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