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Last week I told you that I had a sense of urgency to finish up the Baby Friedman quilt…I had hurried along and got this far….

at the time I knew Hubby likely had lung cancer but didn’t know for sure.  I knew life was going to get crazier and my time near a sewing machine was going to be much less so I worked really hard to get this as far along as I could.

My progress since then…this…

…to this!  A finished top!!  I’m thrilled.

I even got it loaded on the frame and made one pass.  I’m really liking it and and I’ve ever so happy that it is this far along.  Should she go into labor tomorrow, I could easily have it finished by the time they are home with the baby.  That’s a great feeling.

After this I need to start on Kelli’s baby quilt.

The other thing I worked on this week was my double wedding ring quilt.  I took that with and pinned on the way to Lacrosse.

I also worked on it any time I had sewing time over the last week.  Pinning is such a mundane job that it fit my mood.

I currently have eight rows together.

The other rows are finished and just need to be added.  I have some in the car with me today to pin as we make our way to Lacrosse to find out what’s next for Hubby.

I know I don’t need to and no one will care, but having and meeting some personal goals through all of this helps me think about something else besides Hubby’s diagnosis.  The goal was to have this quilt finished by March 15th, Kelli’s wedding anniversary, which I made the original quilt for.  I’m clipping along and just might make it!!

That’s about all I have on the quilting front.

30 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Fabulous crumb baby quilt! Hope you can keep your hands busy as your heart is busy with thoughts of your hubby. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  2. I can look and look at this classy classic quilt. I say this a lot about your quilts and here I go again, “It’s my favorite!” Really!

  3. Thinking of you and prayers for some positive news. The crumb quilt is wonderful and its always nice to get it done ahead of the babies arrival. The ABC border is perfect.

  4. What a great quilt! You are smart to have some goals for yourself. It helps you focus and know there is life outside a cancer diagnosis. Continuing to keep all your family in my prayers.

  5. Love the quilt! And please know we all will continue our prayers for your husband as long as necessary! Safe travels!

  6. This is just beautiful, over the last few months that I have been following you and your adventures, I have come to feel as if we are neighbors but miles apart. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  7. Having and attaining goals, no matter how small, gives one a feeling that they’re in control of at least that much. In a situation such as yours, that’s important. And babies don’t wait for anything or anybody. Good job on the little one’s quilt,

  8. You’re newest baby quilt is adorable. What a fun quilt! Quilting is definitely good therapy for whatever comes your way. Hugs!

  9. prayers for your hubby and you.

    I absolutely adore the baby quilt.
    You could write a book of your technique and process.

    Did you make all the parts now for the baby quilt or did you find orphan blocks in your stash?

  10. I think the thing about “making”, and for me it is sometimes cooking, in times like this is it helps us feel helpful. There are so many aspects of things we can’t help with in times like this, but to be able to do something, anything, feels like progress. Hope the next steps are positive for your Hubby.

  11. Sometines our minds need to focus on something fun. I love the baby quilt, it is different and happy. Good luck on the double wedding ring. Positive thoughts for you snd your family.

  12. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as all of you journey through this time. It is never easy but whenever I keep my hands busy, it stills my mind. You have inspired so many with your stories, that I pray we inspire you and your family.

  13. Thinking about how life has so many ups and downs, u-turns and start-overs. We constantly have to regroup and refocus to change our direction, but we never, never give up hope that everything will get better. I’m keeping your family in my thoughts and praying that you and hubby will both be well again.

  14. Arrowhead Gramma

    Jo, prayers are with Hubby, you and your family during this journey and time of uncertainty. I know prayers are heard and answered as I just had my 7 year anniversary of being in remission from Stage III ovarian cancer. Hold your faith close during the days ahead.

  15. Jo the baby quilt is so colorful and busy for a great baby quilt you have done an amazing job. Keeping you all in prayer for the journey ahead. You have certainly helped me on my journey as I read our blog. Thank you for your time you give all of us. Marilyn

  16. The baby quilt is just wonderful! What a fun quilt for a little one. You are so wise to have handwork to do as you spend time in the waiting room. Praying.

  17. Prayers continue and will continue for you, hubby, and all the family. Thank you for typing out the food plan exchange list and sharing it! I, too, can put the sheet to use for improving my food intake! I feel like I’m one of your good friends, too! You sure are a good friend to me and SO many. Thank you, Jo. God bless you all.

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