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I had a topsy turvy week last week.  I’ll tell you more about that another day.  I still got in my normal sewing time due to the latest snowstorm to hit our area.  We decided with the cold temps and incoming storm to just stay home and work on some things we’ve been wanting to get done…for me, that’s sewing!!!

Try as I might, I could not go easy with my crumb quilt.  It has been wanting and wanting to get worked on.  Saturday, I finally gave in.  Originally I thought I’d do a little each week and people could sew along with me.  I’m so sorry…I’m just not that patient this time.

I added two more rows this week.  This is going to be the center of the quilt.  Right now it’s 39″ x 39″.  There will be the alphabet border so it will be plenty big.

I think I did a pretty good job of hiding the “rows”.  I like scrappy quilts like this but I do like when the rows aren’t recognizable.  I made 6 1/2″ rows and sewed them together.
These are the two rows I added.  I made sure every row have 5-7 stars in it.  I limited my colors to mostly blues, reds, yellows and neutrals.  
As I constructed rows I would periodically look to see if the color was distributed fairly evenly.  Although I told myself no more shirt buying, I am going to retract that statement and allow myself to buy all yellow shirts.  I love them and the look so good.

Over the week I got a backing made and loaded this onto the quilt frame….
This is a Spider Web String quilt.  It’s a free pattern at quiltville.com.  I’m determined to get caught up on my quilts that need to be quilted.  This one has sat for quite awhile.

I got one row sewn together.  I had worked on this project a couple nights and that’s all I thought I got done but I went to take pictures to write this post and….
I actually accomplished more than I thought.  These are ready to be added to the quilt too!!

I only have one row left to sew together.

I also got a fifth row partially sewn on.
Ruby was being her “hamball” self and wanted to be in every picture.
We have a car trip planned for this week to Lacrosse so I’ll take this with and pin along the way.  It’s a good project for that.

That’s what I’ve been busy with…I’m hoping that by next week I can show you a finished top for Kalissa’s baby quilt.  As we are now so close to February those babies due in March don’t seem so far away….and I still have to make Kelli’s babies quilt.  Luckily I have some ideas percolating.  

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Your quilts in this post remind me of that old song, “Everything is beautiful….in its own way…”

    Are you hand sewing the double wedding ring or attaching by machine? I missed the beginning of this one.

  2. Jo, your crumb quilt screams fun & is such an excellent choice for kids. I know you are a resourceful person & use “what’s on hand” first but I am curious do you have a “go to solid red”? Is there a certain solid red that you consider a must in your stash?

  3. I too love Ruby! Your crumb quilt is so cute, and the others are awesome! It’s a bitterly cold morning with more to come in NW Iowa. As I write, my house is popping! I have been doing bindings. Staying close to home… I feed the birds and hubby feeds the cats.

  4. Jo I am making the spider string quilt and would like to know what pattern will you use to quilt it. I have chosen black with tiny polka dots for my background.
    Love the crumb quilt as well as wedding ring.

  5. What a colorful and fun crumb quilt! Beginning in April, I hope to be able to focus on quilting a batch of charity quilts and donate them.
    Anticipating some relaxing time with your blog this year.

  6. Record cold temps today and tomorrow in La Crosse, Wis. Tonight the wind chill is supposed to be
    -32 degrees below zero (Farenheit). Maybe Iowa is not going to be as cold – does Ruby have a dog sweater or a quilted jacket?

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