What I’m Working On….

My week started out with this on the frame.

I quilted it pretty densely so it took a lot of time.  I needed to switch bobbins twice on each pass.  It was totally worth it though.  I love it.

I didn’t get it done in time for a Friday reveal which was my hope.  I ended up finishing it Saturday night.
I’ll do the big reveal post tomorrow.

For those of you who aren’t regular readers, with the completion of this quilt, I’ve now made EVERY quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling quilt book.  YAHOO!!  What an accomplishment.

Then on Friday I am going to do a parade of all of my version of the quilts.  I can’t wait to compile that all and see it together.  YAHOO!!

While I was cutting out all the four patches for the mystery, I thought why not cut out Hunter’s Star, Bonnie Hunter’s new pattern that comes with the purchase of her new book.  I already had the red and white fabric out so I thought it would make good use of my time…

I had an evening sewing session with not much to sew so I grabbed these and away I went.

So..I already have these done for the quilt!  There are more triangles left to sew but this is a nice start.

Friday morning just before the childcare kiddos were scheduled to show up I checked the computer and there was the mystery clue.  YAHOO.  I looked at the clock and realized my early kids weren’t coming this day so I sprinted upstairs and dug through my fabric grabbing these with the hopes that I could cut out the #2 clue over naptime.

Being it was an easy clue, I did get it done.

I finished up childcare when Kalissa called saying they had something come up and could I watch Carver…she’d likely need me overnight.  I said yes, then told Hubby I was flying up to the sewing room and was going to sew the triangles.  Then when Carver was there in the evening, I could press the triangles.  I don’t take Carver in my sewing room yet.  He’s good and I likely could but this was easier.

I quickly fed the triangles through the machine and when Carver got to our house, I was ready to iron….perfect timing.  And here is clue #2 all finished…..
I love the containers that dishwasher packets come in to hold these little gems.  I use them ALL OF THE TIME.

I did get all of the four patches made so I’m completely caught up.  I guess that means that I’ve committed to the mystery.

It’s a good thing that I have a healthy stash and HONESTLY, I DID NOT intend on doing it this year.  I never pulled fabric.  I never got a color card.  I can’t even tell you for sure that the other colors are.  I know green as someone said “Poison green” and I got excited.  I don’t have a clue what the other color is.  That’s okay…I’m sure I can find something to make it work.  As long as I don’t need a constant color, I can do this from stash I’m sure.

Clues seem to be a little smaller and easier this time around so far anyway.   That helps that I can still get my own stuff done too.

I also got my triangles done for the Block of the Month Challenge.  Everything is sewn now and ready to sew together.

I am THRILLED about that.  Now that we have all the pieces together, I’ve finally found a little enthusiasm for this quilt!!

I had a great sewing week…so good that I actually stopped and took some time for this….CLEANING!!  Drawer on the right…CLEANED.  Drawer on the left…HELP!!

I’m slowly going through the ENTIRE ROOM.  ENTIRE.  I won’t rest until I feel like I am in charge of the room and the room isn’t dictating to me.  I started in the spring with new shelving for the closet and then lost momentum.  I have it again so I’m going to get as far as I can!!

Thanks for stopping by.  If you want to learn more about the mystery quilt…all things mystery can be found here on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt page including clues and link ups.  It’s the place to go for all things mystery.  Here is the link to today’s specific post there.

If you are new here, I hope you stop by again.  We are busy bloggers who publish new blog posts every morning and evening.  We’d love to have you as a regular reader.

P.S.  Someone asked if my friend Connie had decided to do the mystery too….I thought she hadn’t and then she sent this picture with no explanation.

Bahahaha…she caved.  Oh Connie!!!  This yellow looks interesting.


12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Congratulations! I was going to ask you to do a post of all the quilts from the book. I can’t wait for Friday.
    I’ve never done anything Bonnie Hunter but your quilts and her new mystery intrigued me. I bought the String Fling book, a couple of rulers she uses, and I’ve started getting fabric for the mystery, so I guess you can say I’m hooked. I’ve never sewn with batiks before so I’m purchasing each color of yardage at a time for the mystery. I wish I lived closer to you as I’m known in our guild as “the organizer”. I’ve helped several ladies clean and organize their sewing rooms.

  2. Jo, I sure hope you send a message to Bonnie with your Friday post! She needs to know about her most devoted string-follower!!!!

  3. I caved too….was needing a break from time consuming paper piecing project! I too have the colors in my ‘leftover’ bins.

    I agree with the comment about you sending a message to Bonnie, she’ll be thrilled with your pictures!

  4. Congratulations Jo on finishing all the quilts in Bonnie s book and sharing with us along the way. Super accomplishment!!
    I enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing so much time to all of us.

  5. SusanfromKentucky

    Congratulations on your final finish from Bonnie Hunter’s book! All of yours have been gorgeous. You certainly have the “eye” for colors!
    BTW, you’re the feature on one of the Quilting Land posts today for your “Ariel’s Wedding Quilt”!

  6. Good job Jo!! I will be following your Bonnie mystery colors. My blue and red look similar to yours, but I am not sure what value of green I should use. Hope to get inspiration from you. :) I will be using yellow/gold instead of the orange.

  7. I love to view the camera of you in action. Amazing to cut clues and sew patches and iron them so fast. HOWWWWWWWWWWW?

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Pssssst, Jo…no numbers are to be shown outside of Bonnie’s blog…you might blur the numbers on Connie’s picture!! Orange is another color, as well as green.

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