What I’m Working On….

On Friday I finished a quilt…this one.  Read that post here if you missed it.

I also worked on my Block of the Month….Saturday is check in day with and my blocks aren’t done yet.  The big ones are done and the little ones cut out…I’m taking that as progress.

I loaded a quilt on the frame.  I’ve finished quilts every week for the last 4 weeks and am hoping for week 5 to have a finish too.

I got the quilt for submission bound.

That took some doing.  Remember this picture???

Kelli and I were busy trimming up the quilt.  All the leftovers sat on the table and later that evening I cleaned them up throwing away the batting scraps and keeping the backing.  At the time we weren’t sure if a magazine would pick it up for publication so I thought nothing of the scraps.  Well it did get picked up and now suddenly I was in a scramble.  I needed the backing fabric to make a sleeve.  AHHH.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then Saturday Kelli was home and I said to her we HAVE to find the backing leftovers so I can make the sleeve.  I took her upstairs and we went through the whole “where were you when you last remember it scenario”.  Two minutes later I had found it in the Block of the Month bag….remember I had laid out the BOM blocks.  The backing leftovers got thrown in the same bag.

AH…Oh well…it ended okay.

I also go the last of the Double Wedding Ring Quilt melons together.  I had been happily sewing along on it until I decided to make mine 11 x 11 instead of 10 x 10 so that meant more blocks…21 more blocks so slowly I am putzing with them.  I’m glad I got them this far.

I worked on my Tulip Fields quilt too….  I have 114 of the 400 string triangles sewn.  I haven’t pulled papers on these yet.  Can you tell I’m doing fall colors??

I have all of the other units completed.
I feel like if I could only concentrate on this quilt, I might just be able to finish her up quickly but alas…there are more quilts that need attention.

People have commented that I’ve been getting so much done.  Well…it’s easy to do when Hubby isn’t around.  He goes out to work at 5am and comes home around 9:30pm.  By the time he gets home he isn’t really hungry.  Something simple like a grill cheese sandwich is all he wants so I don’t spend time making supper and doing dishes or even much time chatting with him.  Getting things done around here is the benefit of being alone….I’d rather not get as much done, but alas.

I’ll be back here next week.  I’m hoping for lots more progress.  My days with Hubby in the field are numbered.  Focusing on catching up in the sewing room makes me miss him so much less.  So rather than wallow in missing him, I’m forging ahead.

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  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    You are really accomplishing a lot! My challenge was to make box bags for our craft fair at church yesterday! About 8 of my bags sold and I can’t remember how many I made. Only a few left. Carol

  2. I finished the top for the school auction the week before Thanksgiving. I need to make the backing so that I can quilt it. I pulled out my “On Ringo Lakes” blocks and decided on a setting. Bonnie’s sashing idea did not work for my quilt. I am going to use them instead for a border. Hope to have it in the flimsy stage before the 1st clue of Bonnie’s next mystery. I also finished making pillowcase dresses for people to include in their Samaritan Purse Christmas shoeboxes.

  3. It’s so sweet how much you miss and love him when he’s working….even after all these years!!! But still, we all know that even if he’s gone from 5am to 9:30 pm, that doesn’t mean you have all that time to sew. You have childcare from like 7:30-6pm every day. So we still need to know how you always get so much done? Do you ever find yourself reading blogs or on Pinterest or reading the paper and before you know it an hour has flown by? I get so distracted and /or sidetracked sometimes. It’s scary because I will never get that time back….Do you have any helpful hints or lessons to teach those of us who want to be more productive?

  4. Jo and Kelli, your recent quilt going to American Patchwork is beautiful!! Very attractive fabric placements. Also, I have appreciated the Hunter Douglas shade ad! We will be investigating whether they will work out for us! I’m sorry that some folks get in a twist when ads appear on the blog … no problem. Gloria

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