What I’m Working On…

I have been busy sewing.  Can you guess what I am doing?  Take a look at the picture and guess.


If you guessed making crumb blocks, you are part right.


If you guessed making crumb blocks AND string blocks, you are right on.


I’d love to show you more…and I will.  I’ll show you on January 31st when you come back for the Crumb Quilt-Quilt Along parade.  Last fall several of my blog readers and I went on an adventure with our crumb basket.  On the 31st, we’re all meeting back here to show our projects.  You can see my crumb quilt and some of the other crumb quilts made by viewers by following this link.

I am, of course, not finished with my quilt.  I was just kind of stuck.  I couldn’t figure out a layout that I was happy with.  Well after two days of having some of the blocks laying out on the dining room floor, I finally figured it out.  I am loving the design.  Now that I figured it out, I have been sewing like CRAZY.  I have lots more to sew as the design requires quite a few more blocks than I have made.  You can bet, I’ll be sewing on this right down to the deadline, but it will be SO worth the work.

If you want to see what everyone else is working on, head on over to Patchwork Times.

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