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When I was cleaning my sewing room I discovered something….  I somehow forgot to make a baby quilt that I was suppose to make.  I know that sound bad but it’s the truth.  In August I had wanted to sew it and now here it’s months later.   Originally I had planned on doing a baby quilt with fire truck fabric and then found a fabric I liked better.  I fussy cut the blocks and then…hmm..ummm..I honestly forgot about it.

Once I discovered that I had, I pulled what I needed and got serious about getting it done.

You can see the emergency community helper fabric.  That’s all cut and I started framing them.


I like this method of quilting….random and how it lands.Lisa-2

It’s always a challenge to get the colors balanced….well after I unfolded it, I wasn’t happy with one spot.  Look bottom left….go one block over and one block up.  That block didn’t get completely framed.  UGH.  It doesn’t look right.  I decided to fix it.


I ripped it out and made a new piece fit.  I was super nervous about getting the piece to be the exact size I needed but they I realized that if cut it the exact size of the piece I took out, that would work.   It’s done and ready to be sewn in but now I need sewing time.


The baby who this is going two has both mom and dad in the nursing profession.  Mom is actually a flight nurse.  I thought the air rescue block was so appropriate.


I will add a border of the background print yet.  I have enough of the novelty print and that’s going to be the backing fabric.  Then I think binding in red.  I’m hoping to have this done by the end of the week.  I’ll pass in on to Grandma and hopefully she’ll see baby over Thanksgiving.  That’s the plan for now…we’ll have to see if time allows that.



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  1. I’ve done the same thing before. I am working on a baby quilt I had planned on finishing several months ago, but one of the baby’s siblings is helping and so it has neen hit and miss. I am sure you recipient will love it and not even think about the time frame. Love the colors and style. Very cheerful!

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