What I’m Working On….

I thought I would take a snap shot of my sewing room so you could see what I’m working on….

In the foreground at the bottom left is a quilt you can barely see.  It has a little burgundy in it.  That is something we’re putting together and will soon be submitting with the hope a magazine will pick it up.  There is a pink Bonnie Hunter Zuckerwatte quilt near the white Phaff machine.  That just got off the quilting frame and there’s another exactly like it on the ironing board that is going on next.  I want these done for Christmas so I need to keep going.

In the machine is my Cheddar Bowties quilt…You can also see the pieces to that across the room near the window.  On the ironing board is Charlotte’s Baskets.  In a clear tote on the right of the machine is another quilt waiting to be sewn.  On the ice box is a quilt for the fireman’s benefit.  It is waiting to get a pieced backing.  Also on the ice box is Fair and Square.  I pieced a backing but it needs to be ironed.  I’ll do that one evening when one of the kids call.  I save things like that for that very reason.


YEP.  I work like this ALL OF THE TIME!  I love it.  I do what the mood strikes me to do or what works into my life.

Here’s a close up of the Zuckerwatte quilt.


This is what I decided for Charlotte’s baskets.  It’s all cut out.  I know many of you will be sad that I didn’t pick the sunflower fabric.  LouAnn encouraged me to “go out of my box”.  The green is out of my box.  I rarely use green as a main color.  I hope I end up liking it.  Like many of you suggested, there wasn’t a wrong color combo in the mix I let you choose from.


I forgot to tell you but this was on the cutting table waiting to get it’s turn at the machine.You might remember the my spider web string quilt is already a top but I had leftovers.  This many….


Well that is a good start for a baby quilt.  I calculated and I needed 30 more triangles.  So…I cut them and prepped them so when the mood strikes, I’ll work on these.  This was a great project for me to do one afternoon over nap time.


My want is tackle some of the things I need for Christmas.  I want them done as much as possible before the mystery starts and before I start getting that anxious have to finish it feeling.  I’m never good when that kicks in.  With that in mind, those Zuckerwatte quilts are high on the list!!

That’s what’s happening here.  Are you starting on Christmas projects too?

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Good morning Jo,
    I work like this , having several projects going on. I did finish my Bonnie Hunter pumpkin quilt thanks again to you for help with the corners of the pumpkins. I have been gathering my batiks for Charlotte’s Basket but now have misplaced the book! Ugh! Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Every one got a quilt last year for Christmas so this year no quilts. Perhaps I will do matching pillow cases for all……

  3. Two quilts are headed to the quilter tomorrow! They are both for Christmas and maybe one will get matching pillowcases. The other already has a pillowcase I made from a 2X large T shirt, that turned out kinda cool. I still have doll clothes to work on and a few other pillow cases.

  4. I work like you do as well. . .my sewing room makes NO sense to anyone but me. I got two tops done over the weekend-1 is a wedding present and 1 is a grad gift for May of 2018. . .LOOK at that! Working ahead for once! Now to find some time to run the quilting machine.

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