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I have LOTS of sewing time last week.  LOTS and LOTS.  Hubby is in the field with harvest.  I’ve had sick sleepy kids at childcare giving me time to trim or de-paper string block over nap time.  So I’ve been SEWING and SEWING!

You might remember last week I told you that I was working on Charlotte’s Baskets from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  Would you believe that I have the blocks FINISHED!!  I am putting mine in a 5 x 6 setting so I only need 30 blocks so it isn’t such an amazing feat.  Now I’m at the point that I am auditioning sashing and borders…Want to help?

Choice #1


Choice #2- this one I don’t really like.


Choice #3


Choice #4choices-4

Choice #5choices-5

Choice #6..I like that green….choices-6

Choice #7…but is the green better with no pink?


Choice #8…or is this border better?


Choice #9  but maybe a light sashing would be better???  What do you think?

Choice #10…a different outer border….


So what do think?

I asked Connie…she’s leaning towards one with the sunflower border….me, I think I’m leaning towards one with the green for sashing.  I do like the sunflowers too.  I’m so bad at making decisions.

The happy news with it all….There isn’t an option that when I look at them I think it’s awful so no matter what choice I make, I think I’ll like it!

67 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. well, you had me at #1 until i saw them all.
    I’m going with choice #9.
    i loved the setting fabric in #1, but the lighter fabric in
    #9 just brought everything together.

  2. 1 or 3 but they are all beautiful. Don’t know that you could go wrong with any of your combos! Which bed are you putting this on? Which color looks best in that room?

  3. I like #4 & #9 . Guess I like the lighter backgrounds. But they all look great. You have to pick the one that pulls your attention back to it. Good luck. Beautiful quilt with either of the choices.

  4. I like the lighter sashing of 9 or 10, but like the borders combination of 3, 4 or 5.
    I think the lighter sashing makes the blocks pop so much more than the darker ones.

  5. Option #3 is my choice, due to the greater contrast between the almost navy blue and the mid-tone blocks. The contrast makes the block stand out better than in the other options, at least on my monitor. But there is no “bad” option, all would work.

  6. It’s choice 3 for me. I love the darker color next to the strings. It make the colors pop. Then the dark orange framing border….perfect.

  7. Choice number 1 is my favorite……although I really do like the green sashing too…..sigh. Glad it’s not my decision to make!

  8. Wow it is so hard to choose. The difference colors make the blocks come alive in different ways. I am in love with 1 and 5. Thank you for sharing. I am currently doing a black with white and white with black quilt myself. I’ve changed the patterns around about 10 times. Sometimes it is better to someone else choose.

  9. If you had a crossover batik that would bridge the green sashing and the sunflower border, it could work. I personally like the lighter sashing with the sunflower borders…how’s that for mixing it up?

  10. I hate making decisions, but if if I had to choose, I’d probably pick #3 or #8. Really, any combination looks nice. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with what you choose.

  11. I like #1 or ##. Those make the blocks pop. The others seem to fade out the blocks. Whatever you choose, it will be fun.

  12. My two favorites are Choice #3 and Choice #8. They really seem to show off your beautiful basket blocks. LOVE how this pattern looks in batik fabrics! Can’t wait to see what you decide . . .

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