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oh no…It happened again. I got hooked on a quilt and it’s taking over my life.  The pattern is Charolotte’s Baskets and can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

You might remember last week I told you that I had cut my triangles the wrong size after experiencing a typo in the directions.  (Find post about typo in the pattern directions here)  Well I quickly went to work and cut new pieces.  From there  I played and made a test basket block to check to make sure there were no other typos that I didn’t realize.

As you can see, I’m doing it all in batiks.

I had some more time one evening so I sewed lots on it….

Now lots of the parts are sewn together and ready to be assembled.


I was itching to know what a block might look like so I started making a few of the string blocks….I trimmed them up and de-papered them.


I laid them in place….What do you think?

I really like it.  I think batiks was the perfect choice.  I’m so excited….so excited in fact, that I kept making the string blocks and have a small stack of them.  I have a feeling that this quilt might be done in a fast hurry if I can keep up this pace!!


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  1. When I’m making a new pattern, I draw two diagrams of the block, one with the cut sizes marked in each piece, and the other with the finished size of each piece. Then I check the math. Especially if it doesn’t seem right, I make a test block out of paper – easy sewing and creasing, totally disposable and cheap. I save bright ads for color contrast, but any regular weight paper will do. I never cut all the pieces for a block or quilt without checking the math first and making sure everything fits together. If the block has a piece that needs to be reversed, I also make one block out of fabric to see if I’m cutting it correctly.

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