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I have lots of projects that are close to being done.  When I work on so many projects at once, that often I’ll go quite awhile with no finishes and then all of a sudden I’ll have several projects done at once.  That was the case on Friday night…the projects came together and I had lots of quilt top finishes.

Hubby is gone nights now and often not home until 9pm or later so I have lots of free time to do whatever….and my “whatever” is typically sewing.  Pumpkin Patch became a top.  I’m really happy with it.


I’m hoping to get it on the frame tonight and quilted.  Dare I hope that by the end of the week it’s all completely finished and bound.  Stay tuned for then.  I’ll tell you some more details about it.  I will say that the pattern is in Quiltmaker magazine for those who want to know that.

That pieced border took a bit but wasn’t bad.  I had lots of fun working on this.

I also finished up the last borders on this top and got it all ironed.  This is the second quilt I’ve make of this.  The original went to Hubby’s great niece Amber.  This one is heading off to be published in an upcoming magazine.  Here it is….

When cleaning in my sewing room I found this partially finished quilt top.  Last year I made an identical quilt and donated it to the firemen’s benefit here in town.  All that needed to be done on this was to piece the outside checkerboard border.  That is now finished and set aside.  I’ll machine quilt it when I need it either as a firemen benefit donation or for a baby quilt.


Saturday I loaded the neutral quilt that will be sent out for publication onto the frame and worked on that…next up, I am going to quilt the pumpkin quilt.  I want to enjoy that while fall is still here.

Kelli gave me more black for my spider web string quilt so I’m hoping that might get some attention next.  It’s a fun time in my sewing room now…I have lots of extra time and lots of projects that are close to a finish!!

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The quilts are all beautiful Jo! I especially love the pumpkin quilt! Too bad I don’t have any orange scraps!!! I may have to start buying some!!!

  2. Love the scrappy brown background for your pumpkins. When finished you will have to share a photo with Bonnie. Sorry that hubby has to work so late but glad you are getting a lot of time to sew. I look forward to finding out more about your quilt to be published.

  3. I love your pumpkin top! I am in the process of getting together my scraps to make one. I ended up ordering fat quarters from Quilted Twins. They should be here by Thursday! Can’t wait! I think that I need to look for fire trucks after seeing your quilt. My grandson loves anything with fire trucks! I think that will be down the road though….I’m tracing papers for Virginia Bound now. Almost ready to start that one! Woo hoo!!!!

  4. Hi Jo, I love all the browns with the pumpkin quilt. Makes it warm to up to fall. Anxious to see it when it is quilted and bound. The other quilts are beautiful, too. I plan on making a quilt like the one you call the neutral one. It will be great with all the pieces from men’s shirts, or some floral prints.

  5. The pumpkin quilt is spectacular! What month was it in the Quiltmaker magazine? Congrats on your progress. I make great strides in my projects when my hubby is working late!!!

  6. Love your pumpkin quilt! I just started one but I’m using b/w and gray text prints for the background. I’m hoping it will look like it’s on a newspaper. I just got an order of backing fabric from Quilt Twins. I ordered wide backing for four quilts. Thanks for telling us about that site.

  7. Love it when there is a burst of forward progress. I worked hard on scrap organization and deep cleaning in the sewing room over the weekend. Hope to get it finished next weekend—setting myself up to be productive on snow days. . .they will be coming!

  8. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    I LOVE the Pumpkin Patch quilt top!! I NEED to make one! (Probably in time for next fall…) Gorgeous work, and good choice on the rich brown background! I know you’ll enjoy this quilt!

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