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Last week I told you that I had a sick day…well the next day wasn’t a lot better.  I managed to get a few things done around the house but then sent myself back to “rest” in the sewing room.  “Rest” for me means doing nothing that I can’t do slowly…nothing that I don’t want to be doing.  I simply cannot lay on the couch and do nothing.  Sometimes I truly wish I could….but this day not so much as I accomplished this!!!  The center of the quilt top is together.  I’m so happy.  I like it.


I showed it to Hubby…he’s not a fan.  His comment was “I like other quilts you’re done a whole lot better.”  That didn’t bother me as at times, I feel the same way about some quilts.

I made this quilt so it would be in an 8 x 8 setting.  The original is smaller and then has an inner solid border-then a scrappy border-and then solid again.  I liked that look and hoped to replicate it.  I didn’t do the math to figure it all out once I made the inner quilt bigger.  So now I am in a predicament.  The top is really close to 90″ x 90″.  The biggest my quilt frame can handle is 100″ x 100″.  I already sewed the scrappy border…see?..and I cut them at 3 1/2″.


I could easily cut them down but now I need to juggle all the measurements.

How would you do it?  I have three borders to add but only can use about 10″ of space.  That’s what I’ll be thinking about and trying to figure out.  Feel free to chime in with any ideas.  For now, until I get that figured out, this project is on a stand still.

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  1. Betty from Canada

    Maybe just add what you have and be done. Maybe you over think sometimes. I do that and it drives me crazy.Where is Ruby?

  2. 2″ finished border on all sides of a bright solid and a binding of black w/ a small white dot or little star or something besides just solid. You get way more done than I. SIGH!

  3. 8 think a 1 inch (1 1/2 tops) finished black border and then a 3 1/2 inch piano key!!
    Hey you had a post the other day (book Christa Watson) did you know shes gonna be in the QC!!! Quilt Addicts Anonomous(quilt shop) in Rock Island!!!

  4. I like the small black border idea with black binding. it will let your blocks be the star of the quilt. I would save the planned border for something else.

  5. I like Donn’s idea and also Gretchen’s . Either way would let you use your border and it would be a lovely quilt!
    Seeing your center done makes me want to get back to mine! I have yellow centers. It has been on hold because I’ve been working on a quilt my daughter and her husband asked for. I’ll be really glad to get back to my own “stuff”!

  6. I agree with Donna M.– 2″ finished black inner border then your scrappy pieced border and you’re done. Great job! I have spider web blocks in my UFO pile.

  7. Just do the borders like you had planned and send it to me to quilt for you. You do so much for others, I’d be happy to help with this one.

  8. Are you going to keep it? If you are, and you really want a border, then add them. But if you aren’t going to keep the quilt for yourself, I would finish it as it is, without borders. Some quilts don’t really need borders. I like this quilt as it is, with the blocks going all the way to the edge. I would just add a binding and call it a day.

  9. Think about this: Just skip the borders are you had first planed and put a dark border on where you are….. there is plenty of movement and interest in what you have and we all know there are a ton of fabrics.

    Since hubby is not crazy for it you probably won’t be keeping it so let it go and do the triple border on the NEXT quilt.

  10. Well, look at that. after posting I went back and read the prior comments and they are versions of what I said……

  11. Is there a way to remove the column of blocks on both sides to give you more room for the borders? Save the removed blocks for pillow cases to go with the quilt? Let us see the results, whatever you decide.

  12. Jo, I’ve gone back and looked at other quilts of the same pattern and really like when the center of the quilt gets to shine. How about cutting a 2” black border, then trim your already-made scrappy border down to 2-1/2”, then another black 2” border? It would let the center of the quilt shine with a bit of scrappy goodness floating around it as a frame. (I love the Atkinson design called Slide Show for that exact reason). Not sure if I’d do a scrappy binding or black. Whatever you do will be fabulous. By the way, my first thought was to stick with your plan and send it out for quilting as well!

  13. I was going to suggest what Fran said. . . . take off the first & last column of blocks (they could be pieced into the backing) and then add the borders as you wanted.

    Really cool top. . . . love all the colors and movement.

  14. Think about a one inch black border followed by the scrappy border and then bind. I’ve done something similar and was pleased by the outcome.

  15. Skip borders and do the black binding. It looks fabulous and I wouldn’t want a pieced border to take away the shine :-)

  16. I agree with Sally. I wouldn’t add a border. Or only a narrow black one and use black for binding. I don’t often use borders myself and have made a couple of Spider web Quilts, neither with borders. I think borders would detract from the impact of the string spider webs. Hope your husband is changing his mind about the quilt and getting a little more keen on it.

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