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I had such a busy-busy week last week.  We had the garage sale, the girls were all here for the weekend, Carver turned one.  I didn’t think I would accomplish much as all…but I did manage to get a few more string blocks done for my spider web quilt.  Honestly it’s been stolen moments here and there as that was the only time I had.

Then Friday night after the garage sale closed we were visiting over a glass of wine and before I knew it, Kelli was trimming the stack of string blocks I had done, Kayla was knitting and I was de-papering.  I ended up getting LOTS more done than I intended.  We trimmed and de-papered 56 of them…  Whoot-Whoot!!


I didn’t count them immediately.  I figured I was close to enough.  Then Sunday morning I got up early and sewed a few more.


After counting I had 252 finished and need 256.  In Sunday morning’s sewing session I did 10 more so I have all I need plus a few.  That means all I need to do is trim and de-paper these and I’m finished.  I was so excited as I thought I could clean up the mess from string piecing in my sewing room but I’m planning a scrappy border so that likely won’t be happening until that’s sewn.

All of this is screeching to a halt though.  I have to finish that wedding quilt…and then a quilt for publication.  I’m gonna still squeeze in a little me time sewing not matter what I have on the burner.  That’s how I keep sane!!!

Those of you who went to the retreat…how are your retreat projects coming? I’m so excited that this is so close to the assembly stage!!


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  1. Baby gifts have taken over my quilting time right now. I am still L&Eing pieces for Thanks to You, but that one is moving right along as I am whipping out star points like crazy. Have to start putting them into blocks, so I know what I have left to make. Last count was still 101 blocks to make.
    Also need to set aside some time to clean OUT the sewing room.

  2. I am working my Points quilt, and today I sewed some spiderwebs too. I have been piecing 4 inch log cabin blocks made with 1 inch logs, I got the 500th one done and now will need to figure out a lay out. We’ve had the grands here a few different times and the garden has been keeping me busy with canning, but it is always nice to fit in a little sewing!

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