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I am still squeezing in a little time to work on my spider web blocks.  I have other things that are more pressing but as I’ve said before, I need a little “me time” now and then and these spider web blocks are it.

When I last checking in, I had 44 done.


I am adding another 72.

That brings my total up to 116.  I have more done but the paper is still on them and I don’t count them until the paper is off.


I got looking at the note on the blocks and am afraid I need to refigure this.

This is Bonnie Hunter’s original quilt.  (photo courtesy of Quiltville-here is a link to the complete pattern and full story on the quilt.)  

Bonnie made a 6 x 7 layout.  It makes a 10 3/4″ block.  That means that this quilt is likely twin-ish sized.  Well you know me….bigger is better.

Originally I thought to do a 7 x 7 setting.  Now I’m thinking 8 x 8 would be best.  If I make a 2″ inner border, a 3″ scrap border and another 2″ border I’d have a quilt that is 100″ x 100″…that’s better!  If I do that, that means that I need 64 blocks.  Each block has 4 triangles so that means 256 triangles.  Okay…now that I know that, I best get sewing.  I’m not even half done yet.

If you’re looking for me…I’m in the sewing room.  Unless of course, work or life is calling.  I totally love making these “blocks”.  I am betting I make another one of these quilts someday.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. These are so fun, I am working on String x too, bigger of course – and have been for a while. The x blocks are all sewn so now I am working on the string border for it but every once in a while I sneak in a few spiderweb blocks. This is my second one and I think I will go bigger as well. These blocks are so fun to make. My first one won a people’s choice award at Marigold days over the weekend!

  2. Sherry Whalen…Tom and I went to Marigold Days on
    Saturday. First time we’d ever been there. Had fun.
    We voted on your quilt. Very pretty. I think I’ll
    make one now too!!!

  3. Thanks Ann! I think you should make one, it is a fun one to make and uses lots of scraps, though I still have plenty left. Did you find any treasures at the flea market?

  4. Hi Jo. I’ve been reading your blog for about 12 months via email, and now I’ve found the blog with everyone’s comments :)
    I’m a long way away in Australia, but I feel like a kindred spirit: BH fan, receiver of many donations for donation quilts (mostly BH patterns), and former teacher of little ones. Sadly I don’t have a volunteer quilter.
    Besides the donations, I have lots of fat quarters, and lots of yardage. I have just done a major springclean/purge ready for new sewing, including a workshop on Quilt As You Go. I’m hoping this will help me get quilting more easily with my sore shoulder. And while looking through my stash for this class, I found more fabric than I remembered having….time to sew!

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