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Before I start telling you what I am working on, there’s a giveaway going on here at Jo’s Country Junction.  Tomorrow’s the day I pick winners so it’s your last chance to sign up.

This week I am working to complete projects.

My UFO that was picked to complete for the month has some progress…


These blocks were from an online quilt along, Soot and Ashes.  They’ve been sitting around for some time.  The completed quilt was a little bit too primitive for me so I never finished it.  These were just sewn together and are going to be in the backing of my Orca Bay quilt which has borders and is ready for the quilt machine.  I know this isn’t the best use of the blocks…but they’re gone and I’m happy.

I am slowly getting my Blue Ridge Beauty blocks together…(did you catch the story of these blocks last week?)


I am also sewing on TWO new Moda Bake Shop projects….did you read yesterday’s story about this fabric from the Reunion fabric line?  Hopefully there will be LOTS of finished goodies to report next week.

Head on over to Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is busy with.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Glad you found a home for the soot and ashes blocks. It will be a nice surprise for whoever is snuggling under Orca Bay. Sounds like you’ve got lots going on, hope you find some time to relax and enjoy amongst all the sewing.

  2. Oh. I really love that beauty quilt. So glad you were able to find them…. I’ve found some missing blocks the same way and know how you feel once you did find them. Half way through the month… guess I better get working on that little square quilt today!

  3. Love the Blue Ridge beauty-Blue is my fave color, but love the layout too. I remember the Soot and Ashes blocks and putting blocks in backing is a great way to use them-I do it too. I think it really adds something to the whole quilt (besides the added work of additional piecing!) but that’s what we do anyway right!!

  4. Love your blog.Have only been following for a short time and would love it if you would sometime blog about the actual quilting on your frame. Your set-up looks a lot like mine and I’m sure lots of other followers would like to see this. If you have blogged about this where would I find it?

  5. I love the Blue Ridge Beauty quilt you’re working on. It’s a gorgeous quilt and I can see why you looked high and low to find your blocks :o)

  6. So glad you found your blocks, there are still things I’m looking for ;) , you’d think with a limited amount of storage space that it would be easy to keep track of things…..Anyway, it is going to be a beauty when you get it done. Great use of the Soot & Ashes blocks, kind of a little surprise for the back of the Orca Bay.

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