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I have slowly and steadily been working on my spider web quilt.  I should be working on other things but when I only have 20 minutes or so at night to sew, it’s hard to do much more than piece a little bit.  I have a stack I’ve trimmed up but I don’t count them in the done pile until the paper if off the back.


I found that my scraps need a little more variety though…so I dumped out a box of scraps a blog reader sent me….It looks like there are lots of good ones in the mix.


There were lots of squares in the box so I cut them up.  Rather than randomly slice I did a little bit of “not so fussy-fussy cutting”.  I want to save the monkey!!!


This will work.

This is what I ended up with.  It will be fun to have some new pieces to work with.  I really like to organize like this if I can when working with strings.    On the front right are small pieces….to the left of them are pieces that are a little bit bigger…Those aren’t big enough to be the first piece that get sewn down though.

The pile with the teal color are all big enough to be the first strip to be sew down.  The on the far left is a pile I can adjust as needed.  If I need any size I can cut them.  The small pile with triangle works really well for the last piece that is sewn on and at the very top of the photo are all long strings.  I can use them for whatever.  See?

Now when I get a chance to get to the machine I can sit down with that teal pile and start sewing.  I don’t have to sort fabrics first or pull pieces only to see they won’t fit.  I really like working this way with this spider web quilt.   Admittedly I am having a blast with the spider web blocks!!

Now that the antique show in Clear Lake is over, I am trying to get powered up and ready to do some charity quilt tops.  I am sure they are going to need many in the Houston area.  My shoulder is doing okay with physical therapy but it’s still going to be a little at a time any only what they will release me to do.  It’s so hard when the mind and most of the body is willing but the shoulder…well, really isn’t.  Any little bit I do is better than none.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I love making spider web blocks, well, any string blocks really. Such fun seeing how random choices of strips come together so well. I spy a cat fabric I used to have in my stash, shame mine has all gone now.

  2. Thanks for your organization tip! I started a spider web quilt a while a go, so now it’s on my ufo list. Time to bring it out and try out your tip.
    Hope your show went well. If I was close I would have been there…loved the table I saw in the trailer.

  3. Have some sewing days coming up and think that some string piecing will be perfect for them! I trimmed and pressed a pile of star points for Thanks to You, think I have enough to finish the sashing pieces. Then to tackle the 101 blocks I have left to make. I have been L&Eing the star points. However, I am tired of the colors of triangles I have. . .I did just get some gifted scraps with some triangles in them, so hopefully, that will feel like I am adding variety.
    Can’t wait to hear how the sale went!

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