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I told you all once the retreat was over that I would be setting everything aside in an effort to get some baby quilts done….Well I did exactly that.  I found this book (which I reviewed on Friday.  Find the post here)  It is A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares by Peta Peace.

In the book was this quilt….

Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

Well Wednesday over nap I got the squares cut out.  That evening I cut the white part out and got the top the sewn together.

Then Thursday morning I started on the quilting.  I was in a hurry but hoped I could squeeze in time to the machine quilting.


I am not happy with my machine quilting in general.  I do okay but I always wish it was better.  I decided to try to do the quilting a little more like the picture.  I knew I could never do that…and knew my niece who is getting the quilt for their baby would love it no matter how good my work was so I challenged myself to give it a try.


I have learned I am horrible with rulers.  I can almost free hand it better.


Besides working on this quilt, nothing else got done in the sewing department.   Oh…wait it did.  I actually cut out two more sets of squares to make two more of these quilts.


I cut the quilt pieces from fat quarters.  Once I cut a 5″ strip off I could cut 3 five inch squares from the strips so that’s what I did.  Now if a baby comes along, I can grab and sew.  PERFECT!!!

My hope was to have the quilt done by Sunday morning so I could pack it with when we went to the family picnic.  I did get it done but didn’t have time to take pictures and write the blog post about the finished quilt…so you’ll have to live with this much for now.  I’ll tell you more about it on Friday….and show you all the pictures I took before I gave it away!


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  1. I knew you’d get it done in time! I haven’t had my longarm for very long, but I’m also very hesitant to try rulers. I think it’s good that you tried though!

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