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I was really busy sewing this week…I have a quilt ready for the quilt machine that I can’t show you yet.  I just hate it when I can show you….soon though.

I have these cute little bow ties that I pinned on our last care trip that need to be sewn….I am not really far with my bow tie challenge.  I have about 30 blocks done plus these guys.  I am thinking slow and steady….


I keep picking up other projects as leaders and enders.  I finally just set up my bow ties at my old machine and sew them there when I am in between other projects.  All of my bow ties will have the same back ground fabric.  The bows will vary in color.  Our daughter Kelli has TOTALLY been bitten by the bow tie bug.  She has about 400 done.  She hadn’t planned on doing the challenge.  Then she saw this quilt.  It was on Bonnie Hunter’s facebook page.  That quilt is a beauty and a real motivator.  Hopefully I’ll keep plugging along and getting a few more made.

I have this quilt in the quilt machine.


I didn’t sew the top, but I did piece the back.  This is a quilt my friend made for her son for his wedding.  The wedding is this weekend so this quilt is on the priority list right now.  It 3/4 of the way done so I’ll make the deadline.  The first two hours of sewing on this was a NIGHTMARE.  I had thread issue and all sorts of problems.  I ripped is out, and started with a new thread.  Everything is MUCH better.

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  1. I have no doubt that you will get that quilted with plenty of time left for binding. Thanks for sharing the link for the bow tie quilt. I haven’t started any but that might change my mind.

  2. I have that same sewing machine. My DH bought it for me when we were married in 1980. We lived 2 hours from my parents and I underestimated how much I would miss sewing! LOL That machine is a workhorse. My pedal is shot and I am looking for another one. I have a Bernina but that Singer could sew through steel!

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