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Sorry there was no blog post yesterday.  Kelli and I planned a weekend to sew..and sew we did.  I ended up so busy I forgot to check the blog and see if there was a post….I’m here and didn’t disappear.  I was busy…and then Sunday night the flu hit here.  Hubby and I are both sick.  No childcare..and as of yet no food.  It’s the kind of sick I’m afraid to eat but, I did get enough energy to write a blog post.  Here it is.

Last week I showed you the wonky blocks that I was working on…I got them all sew together.  Here’s how it looks.


I had help with the ironing again.  My grandson Carver thought he could be a help.  I keep telling him he’s a little too little.


Well after that top was done I started cleaning up the mess but then looked and thought there might be enough left overs to make a second quilt.  Well rather than put it all away, I made a second top.  As you can see… this one is a little bit “wonkier”.  These blocks have red in them and I sewed them together with no sashing.


I ended up liking them both….I actually think I like the second one just a bit better.  I showed them to Kelli and after talking we decided to send them off for consideration to be published in a magazine.  Meredith took the first original quilt and it will be seen in a future publication of theirs.  They control several magazines, Quilts and More, American Patchwork and Quilting and McCalls Quilting….others too I think.  At this point we don’t know what magazine it’s going in, we only know we need to get it there.

Speaking of getting it there…Kelli and I had planned a long sewing weekend.  If I were to have to get the quilt to them, I would need to give up the weekend.  Instead of doing that I contacted my friend Carla and told her about my situation.  She is quilting it for us…I got to keep my weekend plans and will still be able to meet the deadline.  I told you about my friend Carla earlier.  She’s a longarm quilter.  You can read more about her here on her blog.

Nest week I’ll need to get the second quilt on the frame then bind it and get it in the mail to our great nephew….busy, busy!!

Anyway….here’s Kelli and I sewing….

We tried to be troopers.  We really, really did but the air conditioning doesn’t really get up to my quilting room.  It was sweltering in there.  I didn’t have a window air condition for it.  Kelli was trying to be polite and not complain.  I was trying to not complain too.  Then Hubby came upstairs and said, “WOW it’s hot in here.  Go to town and get an air conditioner.”  Kelli wasn’t in the sewing room at the time.  She came up a bit later and said, “You know mom, we have enough money in our joint account (money we get from publishing our quilts), let’s get an air conditioner up here.”  I said, “You know, your dad said the same thing.  Let’s go.”

So that’s why we were in Wal-Mart in Decorah at 10pm on Saturday night.  We got an air conditioner.

We put it in on Sunday morning.  We had the windows open overnight and still once it was plugged in, it read 82 degrees.  UGH.  No wonder why we sweating!!!


Before long we had the room cooled.  I don’t normally set an air conditioner this low, but wow, was it ever a treat even though we only did it for a little bit….73 degrees and sewing!!


While we were busy sewing…the dogs, they were busy sleeping.


I had a great time sewing with Kelli.  It has been WAY too long since we have done that!!  Sadly Friday night of the weekend was spent sewing backings and getting quilts off to Carla to longarm (we picked upa saxophone from friend of ours for the Neighbor Girl) and Sunday morning was spent doing other deadline type projects…but we did get some free time to sew too.  I treasure that time….

We’re hoping to do it again this summer but WOW, the weekends are filling up quickly!



10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. That is dedication to have the flu and think about your blog. I’m sure your readers would understand even if we missed you. I love both baby quilt tops. The second appears to be more improv.

  2. Love those quilts!!! Window air conditioners can help boost central air when you have a 2 story home. I love what your family does for Neighbor Girl ♥️ I hope her family never moves til she graduated HS … you’re a great influence in this young girls life. Hugs to you all!

  3. Missed you and was worried about you. Hope you are feeling better soon and thank you for thinking of every one and letting us know . Hope the neighbour girl enjoys the band. I am sure it will be good for her.

  4. Sometimes, if I don’t stay ahead of the heat by keeping blinds drawn, opening windows early in the morning, etc, I crank the a/c until the room is thoroughly cooled. At that point, I turn it down to something more reasonable and it maintains the cool pretty well. Glad you found a saxophone, too.

  5. Missed you yesterday and I’m glad to hear it was a fun reason you were missing. I love the two quilts and I’m so glad it will be published in a magazine! I see your dogs “rearrange” the bed the way mine does! Lol!
    I hope you feel better by this evening! That sort of upset is no fun!

  6. I like both the quilts…be hard to choose my favorite. Sooo glad you got AC in the sewing room…no need to be sooo hot when you don’t have to be. When I get too hot, I just can’t get anything done.

  7. Wow, I really like the wonky block quilts but I think the one with the extra red is the best one, but red is my favorite color so…..Glad you were able to put the air conditioner in and cool the sewing space down, makes it nice to be upstairs sewing. Sounds like a really fun week end and Carver is getting so big :)

  8. I was wondering too why there were no posts because of your dedication to the blog, happy to hear you had fun with Kelli and hope you are feeling better today. Your quilt will be started today as soon as Todd leaves for work:) I like both of your improv quilts. Maybe they choose the first one because the 2nd one was too wonky, but who knows.

  9. So nice to hear that you and Kelli were able to get together for the weekend to SEW! It is always fun to spend time like that and brainstorm. Love both baby quilts though I really like the second one, challenges me to create my own improv.

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