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Last week I didn’t get much done in the sewing department at all.  As I told you on Friday we’ve had rainy-stormy weather which has called Hubby and Craig both away-then with Kalissa working that leaves me and Carver hanging out.   He’s super mobile now and my sewing room isn’t a safe place for him so evenings I’ve working on things I can do downstairs.

Remember my Rectangle Wrangle quilt?


It’s a UFO.  I got it this far and then it stalled out.  I needed to cut the pieces for the outer border which is all Ohio Stars.  They are all cut out.  I used upcycled men’s shirts so cutting is always a lot more time consuming.  I destructed some shirts to get the fabric I needed.  Each star needed a 2 1/2″ strip and a 1 1/2″ strip.  I didn’t have that in my scrap buckets so more destruction was needed.  Thankfully I already had the shirts.


While I had the shirts out and was destructing I ended up cutting out a Bargello in Plaid quilt.  I have made one of these quilts before and loved it.


I worked really hard to add in some fun plaids.


It’s hard to believe that this little pile is enough to make a quilt!!  This one will likely be for one of the childcare boys.  I eventually want to make quilts for all the childcare kids as they graduate on to Kindergarten.  I don’t need this any time soon…but it’s cut and ready for when I do.  I might leader and ender it.

Here’s a picture of the Bargello in Plaid I made last time.  I loved the quilt!!  See?

Here is link to the complete post I did about this quilt.

If you work with recycled shirts you will soon discover it’s MUCH easier to cut out several quilts at once.  I did that last time and was so glad I did.  I think then I cut out three quilts at once.  I’ll likely do that again.  Shirt quilts are super fun. I love the look and especially the feel of them BUT, they are a little messy to make when destructing the shirts.

Now that I’m looking at the picture of the one I previously made I am starting to think I forgot to add a few lighter colors in what I cut out for the new quilt….oh well.  Maybe I’ll just cut out more strips.

I can tell you this.  I am REALLY looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.  I’m hoping I am organized enough to plan things right so I can get a full day to sew on one of the days of the weekend.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Those are some great plaids. I’ve used shirt fabrics in a few quilts and love the look they give. I haven’t found a good source for cheap shirts where I live though. Always on the hunt!

  2. I came across a few bricks of scrap as I was working on my Garden Party quilt that are shirt pieces and I am itching to start a new shirt one. HOWEVER, I am holding onto my willpower and getting some more UFOs out of the way first. I think I have a couple that are shirt ones, so maybe I will pull them to the top of the pile.

  3. I got no sewing done, but I bought two more storage containers for my sewing room. One is for just backing fabric. It was all over the place in different containers, and now it is corralled into one location. The other box I bought for expansion purposes. Some of my other boxes are paper, and I can’t always remember what is in them, so I got some clear plastic boxes to help me find my fabric.

  4. I want to the local Salvation Army recently to try to pick up some shirts for a BH Scrappy Mountains Majesty quilt. I was so disappointed in the prices! The cheapest short I found was a size small for $3.99. Larger sizes were $9.99, $10.99, $12.99. That’s fine if I was going to wear them again, but more than I wanted to pay for them as quilt fabrics. I think I need to find a different thrift store.

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