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Last week was super busy.  I feel a little like I’ve been running to try to keep up only to get further behind.  Usually I have things together but a few later days of childcare, extra company a couple nights and Hubby being gone is really catching up.  I also think somethings that I would normally do on a day to day basis got shoved aside over the last month due to my foot surgery.  I would have things that needed to be taken down to the basement but knew I was suppose to take it easy with my foot so I put them off.  Then Hubby hasn’t been around to take them so they pilled up.  Carver was sick again this week too.

Finally over the weekend I made a huge effort to get everything back in place and going again.  That left not a lot of sewing time but that’s okay.  Having those other things finally caught up is going to be so helpful and appreciated over the upcoming week.

I did feel a little bit bad on Sunday when Kalissa called me and asked if I’d watch Carver while they ran to Waterloo to Home Depot…I said I would if she really needed me too but….I really wanted to tackle the LONG to do list.  Carver was feeling all the way better so I didn’t think it was necessary for me to keep him otherwise I would have.  I started feeling really bad about not keeping him then Kalissa sent these pictures of him.

He was having the time of his life.

I quit feeling guilty after that.  He’s having so much fun!

Anyway…I did get this done…..it’s the baby quilt that I need to get finished and sent to Quiltmaker.


Next up I need a backing, machine quilting and a binding.  I’m hoping to complete that this week and have it in the mail next week.  I love writing a “what I’m working on” post on Mondays.  Typically I state what my goal is and honestly, I think back to that goal periodically throughout the week and work to accomplish it.  Goal setting is great motivation for me.

I’m writing this post Sunday evening.  Hubby is working but I had to call him and tell him that there is a leak under the sink and needs to come home and fix it at some point.  Dare I hope he’ll be home for supper?  All week it’s been at least 9 pm before he got home.  They are getting closer to finished every day that passes though.  The older I get, the harder it is to have him gone.

That’s my week in review and preview of what’s coming up.  To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Anne Deedrick

    Jo, You get so much accomplished even when you have busy busy weeks. Good for you staying on task! I feel the same as you when I have to turn down helping with the grandkids. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay to get my own things accomplished too. But then I look at how quickly the grandkids are growing up and don’t want to miss out on that either. It’s just hard to fit it all in :-)

  2. We all have those times when the “list” gets way to long! Good to tackle that as it makes up feel better. Wow! The baby quilt is Great! I hope the magazine agrees! And yes…a busy time in the fields for all the farmers, pray for a safe planting season.

  3. I laughed at all the beautiful Carver memories his parents made by taking him to Home Depot. He was having a blast! Goals? We all have them and some are even reached. You work circles around most of us. Take one day at a time and enjoy it.

  4. Thanks for sharing your of so creative baby quilt. It is so colorful and interesting. Surely the publisher will like it too. Hooray for good weather for planting. The job goes more smoothly when not chasing storm clouds.

  5. Thanks for being real on your blog. These last few weeks of school are insanely busy and stressful and full of guilt for what is not getting done. I appreciate know that you face the same struggles and situations. I started my summer class today and it is going to be INTENSE, but when I am done, my certificate will be good for 5 years.
    I will also have to make myself be okay with small snippets of sewing, in order to get the classwork done. It will be my reward for getting things done. Can’t wait to see the baby quilt in the magazine!

  6. Carver looks like he was a grand time driving that big rig, bet he is glad that Grandma didn’t watch him :). Your baby quilt is really cute and I cant wait for the pattern to be released in the magazine. Glad you are getting stuff done so you feel less pressure, give your self a break and breath a little.

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