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My foot is doing quite a bit better.  I’m so happy.  Before long I’ll have to be done piecing for a bit and start back at the quilt machine in full force as I’ve completed so may tops lately.  In fact, I have another completed top to show you today.

Remember I was working on Tropical Twist from Bonnie Hunter’s book Addicted to Scraps.  It also appeared in Quiltmaker in Jan/Feb ’09 issue.  Well I changed mine up lots from the original.  Here’s the original.

Image result for tropical twist quiltville

In this version the colors are really mixed.  I wanted a black, red and white version as this is a graduation quilt and that’s our school colors.  It was a bit of a challenge when it came time for the borders on deciding colors but that wasn’t my only challenge.  I cut the border pieces at 3 1/2″  inches vs the 3″ I needed.  I ended up sewing them together and then trimming the extra off.  It worked just fine.

The pinwheel blocks in the border are made from the leftovers from the center of the quilt.  I ended up with red and black pinwheels.  That left me a little undecided on how to incorporate them.  I ended up with this.


Want to see how it looks all done?  Here it is….wwon-71

I like it as a three color quilt.  It does give the quilt a very different look…much more planned even though it is still scrappy.

These are my absolute favorite types of quilts to sew….ones that don’t start with cutting anything out.  I had the majority of the fabrics already cut and in my strip boxes so I just grabbed strips and started to sew!

So now that this is finished what’s up next for me?  Well remember last year I made a baby quilt.  This one.


It’s made with our block that was featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks a year ago.  Well we submitted this picture of it to Quiltmaker for their magazine edition called Quilts from 100 blocks.  They liked it and want to feature it so….I am needing to make another one!  It likely won’t be featured in the magazine for another year or so.  That’s how long the publishing process takes!

I don’t mind making another.  I had lots of fun making the original and once it’s back to me after publication I’ll have a baby quilt done and ready to be gifted before the baby arrives for once.  That would be awesome!!

I’m off to start scrapping it up!

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12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I love your approach to three color scrappiness. I think I will Pin this as a inspiration on my Scrapbusters Board. The quilt turned out fabulously!

  2. I like your version much better that the original. Those are our school colors also so I’m saving this for future reference.

  3. Jo- I love your version of the Tropical Twist quilt. For me, it is easier to see the “pattern” of the quilt. It is a little more restful, with fewer colors. It must have been tough to keep the directions straight in your head when you were changing up the colors.

  4. I LOVE your three color version of the Tropical Twist and I’m sure the recipient will love it as well. Just beautiful!

  5. Angela Bowling

    I really like the red, white and black quilt much better after seeing the finished picture. Just by seeing some of it, all I could see were spider webs and that made me think of spiders (which I hate very much and am so afraid of them) but the finished one is so nice looking. The rainbow scrappy baby quilt is very cute too. I love the scrappy quilts and ones of bright colors too. You do such a great job.

  6. You just confirmed what I love about scrappy quilts. Just change up the colors and you get a totally different quilt. Your version is beautiful but then Bonnie’s pattern and colors are awesome too.

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