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I have today off.  I’m recouping after my minor foot surgery on Friday.  Tomorrow I am back at my regular job of childcare.  I gotta say, having this day sure is a blessing.  I’m getting around fine in my boot and am not worried about caring for the kids but I’m still suppose to have my foot elevated when possible and that’s hard with kiddos here.

Anyway…onto what I’m working on.  This….


We have a graduation coming up and I thought this might be a good quilt to make for it.  I am changing things up color wise.  The colored “stars” are going to be red.  The white is still white and the little triangles are going to be black.  I don’t have the border worked out in my head yet…I’ll see when I get that far.  All I know is that I want a quilt that is red, white and black when I’m finished.

This has a been a great project to work on.  Last week in my early morning sewing sessions I pulled white and red 2″ strips from my 2″ scrap bucket and sewed them up.  I ironed them and took them downstairs.  I cut them up into segments over naptime.  I also pulled the black and white from my 3 1/2″ bucket and cut the squares that are needed.  In a short bit I was happily cruising along on this project.

Today I’m chilling watching some Z: The Beginning of Everything from Amazon Prime and doing a little cross stitch.  Thankfully cross stitch can keep me sitting for a bit.  I’ve enjoyed Z: The Beginning of Everything.  I love the costuming, and being an F Scott Fitzgerald fan it’s perfect for me.  Here’s what I’m stitching on….cross-stitch123

This is the perfect saying for me to be stitching…I love it and so much of a good reminder for me.

Thanks to everyone who passed along well wishes to me.  I really appreciate it.

I’ll catch you back here next week.  Hopefully I’ll have more of the pieces stitched up and we can all see what a block of this quilt is going to look like.  In the meantime, check out Patchwork Times if you want to see what others are working on.

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  1. Glynis stevensw

    I do charity quilts for child protective service in our county for kids who have been abandoned or taken from abusive or drug addicted parents. I take on most of the cost but do ask sometimes for donated fabric or scraps. I pay for. Batting backing and quilting so I have great respect for those who do charity work. These kids need love and comfort and I hope I can do that for them

  2. Seeing you cross-stitching, reminded me of how much of it I used to do. My home was filled with Cross Stitch projects, all were framed and on the walls. There was a company in Omaha that was almost like a Tupperware party. One would host a party and win (X)amount of the dollars sold. I was very successful at hosting these parties, that it became difficult to pick out things that I hadn’t already won or purchased with my winning amounts. After moving to Texas, I couldn’t get contact with the company anymore. Since then about 25yrs ago I have long ago finished all the projects I had left to do. I’d love to take up Cross Stitching again but learning to quilt has now taken up all my spare time, not that I’m complaining lol. But I sure do wish I could find a new Cross Stitch (Tupperware type) party to join up with again.
    BTW, years ago I tried contacting the original company with hopes of starting up sales parties here in Texas but never got a response from them, what a shame.
    Jeri Oldtisme@aol.com

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