What I’m Working On….

I had good intentions….they didn’t happen.

Remember I had all of last week off from childcare.  I had envisioned long periods of uninterrupted sewing.  Machine time…Machine quilting time too.  It didn’t happen.  It didn’t happen at all.  I’m a little bit bummed about that but I often do that to myself.  I set up big expectations and then they fall through.  Honestly, I am best at sticking to my early morning rising schedule and quilting then.  I get most of my sewing in then and I love it.

What kept me from the machine…sometimes it was errands.  I ended up with two more doctor appointments than I original intended so that I could find out what was wrong with my foot.  Read more about here if you missed it.  On one of those days I had a four hour wait in town between appointments.  That really took away a lot of my sewing time.

I did manage to get my Addicted to Scraps book spiral bound though.  People always ask about it.  I got it done a the copy store in Decorah- Copyland.  It was expensive there…$7.50 for the book.  I like it and consider it worth it though.  I will likely make most of the quilts in this book so if I average it over 12 projects..it’s a cheap investment.  I pay a bit extra to to have a clear page put on the front and back too.  In the past we had some done at Staples and there they only charges $5.


One afternoon it was nice out and I thought to get a couple outside projects done so I grabbed this….a little wicker table Hubby bought for me and painted it white.  I also painted two matching trellis’ Hubby and bought when we were out junking.  The trellis are going to go at the back of the garage and I’m hoping to get morning glories to climb them.


On the quilting front…this did happen.  I actually got Pfeffernuse quilted and I loaded this one too…this is Talkin’ Turkey.  I only have about 6″ left to finish.


I did LOTS of reorganizing and cleaning in the sewing room.  I am so happy with that progress.

One day, after an appointment, I got home and rather than walk in the sewing room and start sewing I asked myself what did I MOST want done at the end of the week…and surprisingly the answer wasn’t to have all the quilts done and finished, or that I had a lot of machine time.  The thing I wanted more was an organized space….so that’s what I worked on.  I got lots done but I didn’t get it vacuumed yet.  Vacuuming is on this week’s agenda.

I think too often it’s easy for to sit down and simply start sewing.  What’s harder is to take the time and asked myself what do REALLY want done….not necessarily what do I want to do…but what do I want done.  I’m not the best at that and it’s one thing I want to get better at.

So this week’s agenda…I want to have a quilt finished so I can show you a finished quilt on Friday…will it be Pfeffernuse or Talkin’ Turkey.  I’m not sure at this point….But soon, and very soon, I’m going to have another UFO completely finished..dare I hope for Friday?


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  1. I have done all of my BH books into “spiral binding”–I have ALL of her books. My neighborhood Staples only charged $4+tax for each one. Couldn’t believe it. Kept asking—are you sure that’s enough money ??? Long time ago I use to use Kinko’s and it was right around $10 per book. I like all of my quilting books to be spiral bound. Wish they came that way (or at least with that option)

  2. What a great idea to have it spiral bound and then it would lay flat when I need it, thanks for sharing that idea. I’m glad you got all those doctors appt. out of the way and the news is wonderful. Happy quilting this week now that your space is tidier cant wait to see what you get done by Friday.

  3. I’m slowly learning that if I think I have a big chunk of sewing time coming I should work hard in advance on all the chores. Then I feel more free to see and I enjoy it more. I think organizing your sewing room probably falls under that. Good luck with your finishing this week.

  4. I had a few done at Office Max, since we don’t have a Staples near us. They did a great job on one, but in the middle of the other two, the holes at the bottom half of the pages are right at the edge, so the spiral doesn’t have a whole hole to go through and that part of the page isn’t caught in the spiral. I have to be careful with those. Maybe I’ll see if there is a Staples in Southwest Houston. I don’t go to town if I don’t have to though! Thanks for listening!

  5. I would like to find a local place that will spiral bind a couple quilt books. Office Depot will do it if I find someone to slice the binding off. They say the glue from the bound part clogs up their machine.

  6. I’ve had a couple done and been pleased at Kinko but I don’t remember th price. Can’t wait to see your finished quilts! Don’t beat yourself up about not getting as much done as you’d hoped. We all do that !

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