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I told you earlier that I have this week off of child care.  I have medical testing in Lacrosse to do that will encompass the whole week so it was easier to take the week off rather than fight schedules.  It boils down to Monday and Tuesday I have to drive to Lacrosse and get a shot.  Wednesday I drive over to take a pill and Friday I have the full work up.  I have my fingers crossed that this will still leave me with some time to play catch up here at the house and for me to squeak in some sewing time.

Plan are to get LOTS of my own machine quilting done.  Twice last year I took time off for medical reasons.  Both times either right before or during I spent LOTS of time working and working to try to get charity quilts caught up.  This time, I’m being a little selfish and working on my own things.  Kelli and I also have a couple new projects that we want to finish up for possible publication that I am hoping to get machine quilted too.  Sadly, even if I do one a day, I won’t be completely caught up but at least there will be a huge dent in the pile and room for me to start making a new pile.

Here’s my rack of quilts waiting for the machine…lots of them.


First up before any of them can get done I need to finish up the mystery quilt so that can be sent out as a late wedding gift.

I’m really excited about the prospect of getting this little area of the quilting room under control.

I’m hoping a little piecing happens too.  I have a graduation quilt that I want to get started on…I’m thinking of a version of this…

This is Tropical Twist.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern found in her book Addicted to scraps.  I thought to make a red, black and white version.  I think it shouldn’t be too hard, fits into my sewing schedule and is a nice finished size for gifting for graduation so, I think this is the one.  I have to tweak a little bit on colors to figure out what to put where, but it’s do-able.

That’s what I’m up too….To see what others are up to check out Patchwork Times.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. It is not selfish to work on your own projects. You do plenty for others.

    Enjoy your week “off work” and best of luck with the thyroid testing!!!!

  2. Since your ‘selfish’ quilting often involves gifts, I wouldn’t feel to bad about taking the occasional focused break. Piecing is my goal this week after fiddling with colors, fabrics and cutting in my spare time the last ten days. Good luck on your quilting and medical stuff.

  3. I finished a Turning 20 binding yesterday and an afghan that will be graduation gifts. I am itching to start something new. But I have some other grad gifts to get quilted. . .I am cutting scraps for Carolina Chain as I am processing them, so I have sort of started one. Hope all of your medical appointments go well and you feel like doing things.

  4. Good luck with the medical appointments this week, lots of diving back and forth. It looks like you have the week planned out and I’m glad some sewing will be involved. Looking forward to seeing that graduation quilt and all those tops done.

  5. I agree with Robby. Even your selfish quilting isn’t actually selfish. You are such a giving person, and I am so blown away by all you accomplish even while doing childcare. You are amazing Jo. Enjoy your time off, and have some fun ‘selfish’ sewing! Also praying for good reports on your medical tests!

  6. Sometimes completing projects for yourself will motivate you to do more of those that are waiting. Give yourself a vacation from the stress of the medical stuff to do something fun. And we all need to reward ourselves now and again.

  7. I hope all your medical appointments go well. As for feeling selfish for working on your own quilts, I really don’t understand the feeling. But I also feel that way and it shouldn’t be like that. I guess we need to find a balance between charity and our own wants/needs. Thanks for sharing.

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