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Well it’s time to get back to the mystery.  I had planned this for a wedding quilt for Hubby’s great nephew but I got very tripped up along the way.

I sewed along…I thought I was doing okay until about Christmas when I realized that I mixed colors….UGH.  The parts where I put light purple I had planned to be pink.  UGH.  Then my sashing stars were suppose to be red.  It would have all been okay if I had not screwed up.  At that point, I was just frustrated and threw it aside.  Then I picked it up and knew I had to make a few decisions.  Was I going to remake the pieces?  Did I really think that the extra time would be worth it?

As that point, the answer was no.  So how do I salvage this?

For me, I decided no sashing.  I’d put the blocks together as is.


Then I went through the pieces that I had left trying to decide what to do…..I put the neutral blocks around the outside.  As is it’s now about 68″ x 68″…and I’m stuck.  I had intended on making something bigger…but this is big enough.  Hubby suggested a purple outer border and bind in purple.  I’m leaning towards finishing it as is and binding it in purple.

What do you think?

As soon as I know what to do, I am going to keep on with this.  It’s already a late gift.  I don’t want it to be a lot later.  Suggestions??

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20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I like it as is. Sometimes when a project doesn’t play nice, you have to put it in time out until it behaves.

  2. I vote for making it bigger with borders and binding the same and I like your husband’s idea of purple. But then I am a total purple girl.

  3. Tough decision! A done quilt is always a great choice. But I normally ask myself, “Would I enjoy a quilt this size or slightly larger?” If larger I might add another 2 rows of the neutral blocks (mostly I love the way this border plays on the outside of this quilt) or maybe a row of 4 patch purples then call it done! If I was just wanting this done but larger I’d do like what your hubby suggested. Whatever you do this will be a great gift!!!

  4. i understand your frustration! I think it’s nice as it is- a lovely couch/snuggle quilt! I’d say go ahead and quilt it, and bind it in purple. it will be wonderful- and I’d be happy to receive it as a gift, and I know the newlyweds will be also!

  5. If you really think it need to be be larger a purple border and binding would look good. Whatever you decide it will be a lovely gift!

  6. Go bigger, so it will cover the nephew and his bride. I think your Hubby is right on track with one fabric for a wide border and binding. But if it were me, I’d go really big for a bed sized quilt. I would add a framing border in green, another round of neutrals, before adding the final border/binding in purple.

  7. Do something unexpected like making only a top and bottom purple border with purple binding all around. It would give the quilt a little extra length. The finished size would make a wonderful snuggle/nap/tv quilt. No one ever said you have to border a quilt all around. Lay the quilt on the floor and audition the purple fabric on the top and bottom and see what you think. Traditional to modern!

  8. Lovely quilt, they will love the quilt however you finish it. I would make it rectangular thou.

    I always think a sofa size quilt is good for a young couple, as you never know what size bed they may have.

  9. I like Anita’s suggestion above, but in the final round of neutrals I’d add purple to the 4-patches. Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful. Mine is getting its binding and hanging sleeve today for the guild show next weekend.

  10. I would add a small light purple border and a larger dark purple border just to get a little larger. It is lovely, even if its not quite how you wanted it, the newlyweds will love it.

  11. Maybe a very narrow purple border and then another row of the neutrals? Whatever you choose to do, it’s a lovely quilt. I’m sure that the recipients will be thrilled.

  12. My vote would be to add borders to make it large enough to use as a bed quilt. The dark purple with eithe purple or pink binding.

  13. I think just add a pretty purple binding! It’s beautiful as is, and a purple binding would frame it nicely. It is an absolutely beautiful quilt!

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