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Not a lot of sewing happened this week.  We had things going on the the evening…My childcare kids came early and stayed late this week….we were gone over the weekend.  Not much gets done on weeks like that and that’s okay.  I love quilting but there is more to life than only quilting.

You might remember that I said I am working on getting a few projects cut out.  After I wrote that I had a couple people write or comment saying that I had enough UFOs already.  HA!  That’s so funny to me.  I likely have more UFOs than many people would prefer to have but I’m not bothered by it a bit.  Right now with how life is going, I have had a few breaks this week and was able to cut a few things over nap time.  I’m a person who works with whatever time I am gifted and right now, on these days, cutting out projects is something I can do….so I’m doing it.  I know MANY people who as they have aged wish they had projects cut out as the use of their arm doesn’t allow them to cut anymore.  Well me, if my arm goes, I’ll still have project to sew for a bit.  Besides, I love all of UFOs.  They aren’t a burden to sew.

So here is where I am at.  I finished cutting out all of Garlic Knots.  It’s all done in Batiks.  The colors came all from scraps from blog readers.  The purple for the border and the neutrals I bought.  It’s ready to go when I am!  This is a digital download pattern from Quiltville.


I cut everything out as far as I could for Texas Tumbleweeds.  This is in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I was doing really well.  All of the colored pieces came from blog reader’s scrap bags….I bought the neutrals and then forgot to get the constant brown color.  Hubby and I went away this weekend and I stopped and found a piece so this week I hope to finish cutting that and then this one will be ready to go.


Next up I was cutting out Scrap Crystals.  This is also in More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  All of the greens and much of the blues came from blog readers.  I cut lots of neutral strips and blue strips but this is as far as I got with cutting.


…and lookie, lookie.  This is what got pulled for a UFO.This is Star Gazing.  This is from Scraps and Shirttails Book #1.  I’ve had these blocks done for some time but didn’t know about sashing.  Making the sashing decision has held this one up.  Well as long as I was cutting I decided that I might as well take the next step and cut the sashing.

I decided on a black and a gold.  Well I ended up not having enough of the black so needed more.


When we were out and about, I picked up a black.  So now this is ready to be cut too.

I found my goodies at Quilter’s Garden in Cresco.  (I’ll do a shop tour coming up)  Here they are….


The brown is for Texas Tumbleweeds…the black for Star Gazer…the bright colors for fun and the amazing blue and gold sunflower.  That’s destine to be on a border someday.  I don’t know it what quilt or why.  I just loved it that much.

So that’s what I did last week and what’s in store this week.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday in Lacrosse so I need to get some more paper piecing things ready for the trip.  Sue Lee sent me this cute picture….

sewing on the road (003)

She thought Hubby should rig something up like this for me.  Um…as cute as it is…NO.  I really like paper piecing.  I love having a car project.  I don’t sit and do handwork nearly as often as I like and I would terribly miss it.  Should I ever end up in an RV one day (which I can’t even imagine) then this would be a necessity.  As for now, I’m paper piece.

That’s about all for today….Have a great week!!

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Great use of time, Jo! I like that you have projects ready to sew when ever you might have the time or mood to sew them! I am impressed & very inspired!

  2. Love reading about all your projects and childcare, I keep my 2yr old granddaughter but don’t get near accomplished that you do. I’m curious as to how you store all your projects to keep things separate?

  3. hahaha, the only thing that stops me from cutting ahead is that no matter how well I think I write out my “plans” for the fabrics I can never remember what I am doing when I actually pull out the project to sew! I do cut out Bonnie scrap users sizes when I complete a quilt, which is nice. I also collect fabrics I am auditioning for my future projects but I have learned to wait to cut! :) I am Impressed that you can cut ahead!!!

  4. I cut ahead sometimes because it’s easy to do & clean up in my sewing space which is our dinner table. Then, when hubby travels I can leave my mess out and sew like crazy. Works for me.

  5. Jo, I don’t see this as cutting out UFOs as much as I see it cutting out kits for future use. Same project, different term. :) You get soooo much sewn. I’m envious of your energy and planning. Keep it up!

  6. I love that you are doing some of BH quilts in Batiks and I look forward to seeing them pieced together. You are so organized with your projects. My mom was just in Crescoe at that shop and she got me some really cute sheep fabric, did you see it? Hope your doctors apt goes well. Happy stitching.

  7. My friends mock me for cutting ahead, creating more UFOs, but when I have a chunk of time, I can sew. I get more done at retreats since I do not have to wait for the iron or cutting mat because I am all cut out and ready to go. I am down to 10 blocks on my L&E Rick Rack 9s—I think I started it 3 years ago??? The setting pieces are all cut out, so it will become a primary project just shortly.

  8. You have a good week too, Jo! Hope your appointment goes well. I haven’t done much sewing this past week and probably much of this one. We went down to Matagorda last week, and a friend and I went thrift store hunting around Richmond. Fixing to go get a trailer load of dirt for my beds before the rain returns on Friday. That will be a sewing day!

  9. I don’t think those precut projects are UFOs! They’re prepped and ready to be worked on. I love having projects prepped. It lets me work on bits when I have time that I would otherwise waste. For me, a UFO is something I have started sewing and then set aside when I lost interest in it.

  10. Your quilt kits are gorgeous! I started cutting out quilt kits about 1 year ago. It is so easy to set up the components of the blocks and catch a minute or ten to sew. In no time at all, before you know it, a quilt top is done. I am hooked! Good luck with therapy, Jo!

  11. Thanks for the info in this post about the Garlic Knots being a digital download. Hopped right on over to her site but it’s not still on her digital downloads-maybe she’s going to put it in an
    upcoming book. Keep at the exercises- it seems to take a long time but the posture will become a habit.

  12. Sue Lee’s pic with sewing in their truck. We have just bought a trailer and will be doing lots of traveling. This would be great for me during our longs hauls. Could you please post how they did that.
    Yes I’m sure a lot of us sewersl have a problem with posture. Glad you are getting therapy.

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