What I’m Working On…..

Last week was the big push for me to get the fireman quilt finished and I did.  See the quilt here if you missed it.

This week, I have a few things calling my name.  There is this stack of charity quilts.


When I only have 15 minutes or so of time, I’ve been going in the quilting room and matching up backings with tops.  One of the things I dislike the most about quilting is finding, or creating, a backing.  Now I have big stack ready to grab and go as soon as I find the time.

I also have this calling my name, wanting attention…..The mystery quilt!!wwon-2

I’m hoping to get this finished up for a wedding present for the end of the month.  I’m not really happy with it….and not sure how to fix it.  The fabric I had for the secondary stars was a red and that looked awful so I skipped them.  Now I have this.

I have no desire to rip anything out.  I just need a finishing border or two.  I’m at the point that this one simply needs to move on.  I loved Bonnie’s design.  I just don’t love my colors…at all.

BUT before any of that gets done, something has to be done with this room.  It’s such a mess and that is what happens when I drop everything and only sew a project that has a deadline…the benefit quilt.


It happens…and that’s okay.  But I am going to stop and get something a little more organized.

That’s what I’m working on….To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…..”

  1. Jo, I think you have just looked at that quilt too long and don’t like it anymore! I think it looks beautiful! I don’t really like the color yellow but it looks great with the purple! That happens to everyone! Whomever you gift it to will love it!!!!

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself. The quilt looks wonderful to me. Figure out your borders and get it done. It will be one of your normal exceptional quilts before long.

  3. I love the way your light and dark purples work together in that quilt. I’m still working on getting my pieces cut to make that quilt. Love seeing how this came together for you, especially the way it looks like secondary purple flowers where you left out the star sashing.

  4. Your mystery quilt is just fine. No one but you and Bonnie (and your blog readers LOL) will know that there originally were some extra stars. Great idea to give this away to a couple just starting out. On with it…….

  5. The quilt reminds me of spring pansies. How about a green border. But then whatever you choose the recipient will love it.

  6. I think the en provence quilt looks fine- I know it’s not what you envisioned, but it’s mostly that you don’t like it ’cause it’s yours, and we’re always harder on ourselves than others would be. a yellow binding will really make that quilt pop and sing! go ahead and quilt/gift it- it’s great!

  7. I finished my En Provence top, but unless I hand quilt it, it’s not going to become a real quilt anytime soon!

  8. All quilts r beautiful. Whoever is lucky enuf to get that will love it. To finish it, I would suggest a yellow border in whatever width u choose to make it the size u want.

  9. I’m having the same trouble with Bonnie’s mystery. I love everyone else’s just don’t like mine. I’ve been finding it really hard to work on. Finally decided to just sew on it and get it done!

  10. I think I like your mystery quilt better than the original!! With borders including golden, green and pink, this will be a show stopper and a proud addition to anyone’s home.

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