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I’m working on the quilt for the firemen benefit still.  Time is ticking.  I have to have it finished by 8 am Sunday morning.

Sunday I sat down to work on it.  I decided I needed something to “tighten” it up.  The quilt is FULL of bias edges and they were starting to wave.  The 1 1/2″ border in red is just what it needed.  Next I started in on making black and white four patches.  That worked pretty good and except for running out of the same black material.

No one will be able to tell unless they have a magnifying glass.


From here I brought it for Hubby to have a look.  He liked this.  Next decision…another border.  What do you think?Fireman-Quilt-21

I kid of liked it but then I was nip and tuck on having enough fabric and Hubby said he liked it as is with only a red binding.  So I went with what he thought.  I don’t think there is a “right or wrong” so I’m just happy that he picked.


From here I got the backing pieced because I ended up not using the backing that I had intended.  Oh well….that’s okay.  I hate cutting up a big backing piece when I’m only doing a small project.  In the end, I like the new backing better.

The backing is on the frame….I load the rest of the quilt tonight and hopefully fire up the machine and start in on getting it quilted.  If all goes well, I shouldn’t  have any trouble getting it done…Baby quilts don’t take too long.

Stop back on Friday and see if I get it finished…that’s what I’m hoping.

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10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I like the quilt finished as it is with the checkerboard border, but I LOVE it with the extra red wide border…I am a red person…it says to me “Hey look at me!”. I understand time constraints and the desire to FINISH that baby and on to the next project. You asked and I gave my little “ole” opinion…everybody has one!
    I enjoy reading your daily blog.

  2. Bias edges can be tricky. Just curious as to what machine your using and how long it took for you to learn to use it. Does it have computerized patterns. Keep debating on whether to get a long arm or not.

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