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Oh my…what I get myself into.

Every year I make a quilt for the Firemen’s Benefit that’s held the first Sunday in March.  Time has flown by and last week I found myself in a slight panic because not only did I realize that the benefit was just around the corner, I also realized I didn’t have a clue about what to make.  I started thinking more and more about it and looking through patterns and even trying to think of something on my own to make that would be nice but easy too.

Then I saw a link on Facebook to a Missouri Star Quilt Company video for the Checkered Lattice Quilt.  Find it here.  I watched it and thought that was it…Now for fabric.


Again, with no time I decided I had to make it with something I had here.  Both Connie and Ila had sent me some firemen fabric so I found it and started debating on what to use.  I ended up with using Ila’s fabric.  I found other red fabric, white and black fabrics all donated by readers (how cool was that?!)  I started sewing.  Thursday and Friday of last week I was up early and sewed.  Then at nap time when all the kids were sleeping I was able to cut the pieces.  At night I was back upstairs and pressing.

This is how far I got….

This week I am hoping to be up early and sewing so I can make the blocks then over nap time trim them.

Getting this finished by my deadline is totally do able but I do have to stick with it and stay in the sewing room for it to happen.  It’s all okay.  I actually really like deadlines…as long as they are self imposed.

I am super happy with the border fabric that I showed you yesterday….It really looks pretty good.


The lighting isn’t the greatest so you can see it, but I’m happy with it.

I loaded my baby quilt on the frame before I realized this needed to get done so now that has to be quilted before this one can go one.  It will happen…really, it will.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. That border fabric IS perfect! Can’t wait to see the final result! Looks like it will be a cute quilt! It will do well for the benefit!

  2. I really liked your backing fabric when I saw it yesterday! And it’s just going to be so perfect for the Checkered Lattice Quilt you are making. Will be looking forward to seeing your finished project.

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