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I’m behind today.  Typically I write my blog posts on Sunday for Monday but that didn’t happen this week.  I am behind from last week….the stars didn’t align and I had very little sewing time.  I do have to say that I am over the hump on feeling better.

Last week on Friday I realized that two of my family’s had today, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, off.  That left me with only one family that needed care.  I opted to take the day off!!  I am so excited as we are also experiencing an “icing event” weather wise so that leaves me in the house with the house to myself.  I love Hubby dearly but there is something to be said about having the house to myself now and then….sadly, it won’t be a sewing day but rather a day to work on tax prep…ugh.

Anyway…I did say that I didn’t accomplish much at all last week..here is proof.  I did sew together one of the mystery blocks.  As of yet, I’m not sure how I am going to like my version.  If you remember I have an issue with not paying attention to my color way.  Where there is light purple around the outside I technically should have had pink.  Oh well…we’ll soon see how it looks.


More importantly, I got a charity quilt off of the frame.  This one is done by Cindy.  I have all three of Cindy’s quilts through the machine now.  I love the Trip Around the World designs.  Don’t you?

Here’s the backing.  Long ago at the thrift store I bought a homemade pair of curtains.  One side had Disney princesses on it…the other blue fabric.  It was good fabric and only $2.50 for a pair.  I ended up opening up the seam, piecing the fabric together and that’s what made the backing for this one.  I think some little girl is going to like it.


Ruby was tired and annoyed with me this morning.  I insisted on snapping the picture before I took her downstairs and let her outside….she doesn’t do well without some morning food.

I have another busy week.  Foolishly I ripped apart the house over the weekend, resorting and reorganizing all of the childcare things.  It’s a huge task….but sorely needed.  The kids do much of the picking up.  For the most part they do a good job but every so often I have to dive in and do a deep cleaning of it all….I’m about 3/4 of the way done.  I’m hoping to finish the rest today in between working on the dreaded taxes.  UGH.  I absolutely hate paperwork.  My weekend will close with a visit from Connie…I can’t wait.  We have plans to sew at my house this weekend…you know what that means, I have to clean up the sewing room too.  It’s gotten out of hand again.

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. With good friends, I don’t think you have to clean that much. Make her a spot to sew and call it good. :) I have today off and due to the ice, I am not taking the boys to orthodontist appointments out of town. I am sewing and baking and napping and enjoying the day OFF. The sewing machine is calling my name.

  2. I’ve been working on taxes too! I was at the tax preparer this morning. But soon it will be March 1st and I will be finished while all the “regular” people will still be doing their taxes.

  3. You have that right, Nell! I am going to see JO NOT her house! What could be more fun than sitting and chatting with a friend and sewing! Hope our weather straightens out. Supposed to anyway!

    1. I’m not cleaning as much as finding a spot for you to sew. Right now both of spare machines are COVERED in Charity quilts.

  4. I think that I used one of Bonnie Hunter’s free patterns for the Trip Around the World quilt top. I should have mentioned that in my note.

  5. You earned the right to relax! I wanted to add to Cheri’s comment that you also have the 4-patches turned wrong in the bottom row. Bonnie’s patterns require SO MUCH concentration. I never used my seam ripper so much in my life as in en Provence!

  6. Enjoy the day of sewing and being together, its the stuff that memories are made of. I’m envious that you are starting to put your mystery quilt together, cant wait to see it done. I still have parts to assemble but I will get it done.

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